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   Work on the 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' began in 1853 by a London businessman named Ferrar Fenton (1832–1920). The complete Bible was first published in 1903, though some individual bible 'books' were published as separate volumes during the preceding 11 years.
   Fenton is well known for a rearranging of the books of the Bible into what the author believed was the correct chronological order. In the Old Testament, this order follows that of the Hebrew Bible. The name of God was translated throughout the Old Testament as "The Ever-Living".
   Fenton is an exciting translation that shows respect and gives clarity in many areas where other translations fall short. This Bible is described as being "translated into English direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek languages."

    Henrik Borgström assisted Fenton with his translation of the Book of Job, which first appeared in 1898. The book of Job was "rendered into the same metre as the original Hebrew, word by word and line by line". His translation of the New Testament is based on the Greek text of Westcott and Hort. The ordering novelty in the New Testament is that it places the Gospel of John and the First Epistle of John at the beginning before the Gospel of Matthew, thus placing the Acts of the Apostles immediately after the Gospel of Luke.

   Notable as well, is Ferrar Fenton's restoration of the Psalms into the musical verse form as close to the original as he could get. The Psalms were, quite literally, songs, complete with instructions for the "choirmaster" as well as descriptions of the proper musical instruments to be used. Today Psalm 48, Psalm 137, and Psalm 23 are still sung in churches, albeit to tunes not the original.

   This bible is named the "Revised Fenton" because it puts things back into chronological order. In many cases, whether in error or not, Ferrar moved some parts of the scriptures down to the footnote section. These re-ordered verses have been returned to their chronological order as they are currently found in the King James Version. There was no alteration of the wording or intended meaning of what was originally intended by Mr. Fenton."

Blog entry: September 17, 2016

   Welcome to the new blog section. Join us in this exciting effort to display the works of Ferrar Fenton! The Holy Bible in Modern English is now fully digitized and can be seen for it's creative and artistic beauty as well as for the spiritual edification that we all need through the daily study of the scriptures.

   This project actually began in 2012 when the conversion of scanned images, using OCR software, revived a very beautiful but tangled digital version of Ferrar Fenton's work. The major part of the editing, including verse alignment, OCR errors and chapter breaks took over one year. Still, as we go there are minor fixes to punctuation and a few odd necessary edits.

   In its very raw form, 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' went online with a free but very undependable web hosting service in 2014, where it has been ever since.
   With thanks to the generosity of others, just recently, the site has been moved to its current home. This hosting service is by far superior to the previous but costs are high so we are maintaining an ad service to help offset the costs.

RF JER 50:1

The address the LORD addressed to Babel and the country of the Kasdim, by Jeremiah the Preacher;—

RF JER 50:2 The Doom of Babylon of the Kasdim.
Declare to the nations, and publish, and set up a standard! Publish it,—hide not;—say Babel is captured, and Bel is degraded! Merodak is frightened! Their idols degraded, their images shattered!
RF JER 50:3 For a race from the north is advancing who ravage her country! None remain hers,—from the man to the beast, they are scattered!
RF JER 50:4 In those days,—at that time, it shall be as JEHOVAH Himself says, Israel's children and Judah's united will march, and will weep as they march, And will seek for their GOD EVER-LIVING,
RF JER 50:5 and ask for the highway to Zion; Then go to the LORD'S Ancient Treaty, nor ever forget it.
RF JER 50:6 Lost sheep were My Race, whom their shepherds had lost in the mountains; They strayed about mountains and hills, forgetting the way to their own home!—
RF JER 50:7 All who found them devoured, their oppressors declared it not wrong, Because they offended the LORD;—their true Hope, and the Well of their fathers—Jehovah!
RF JER 50:8 Fly out from Babel,—come out from the land of the Kasdim like shepherds who go before flocks!
RF JER 50:9 For, see! I am rousing and bringing on Babel a crowd of Great Nations From the Land of the North they march on her, from them shoot their arrows, Their skilled Leaders will not return empty, but plunder the Kasdim,
RF JER 50:10 "All," says the LORD, "shall be full with her plunder!
RF JER 50:11 "Because you rejoiced,—when you plundered My Homestead, Because you were fierce like an heifer at grass, and were neighing like stallions,
RF JER 50:12 Your mother shall feel her disgrace; and her deep shame she who bore you, She will be last of the Nations, a Desert, a Ruin, and burnt Waste!
RF JER 50:13 From the wrath of the LORD be unpeopled, and wholly deserted; All passing by desolate Babel, shall hiss at her wounding."
RF JER 50:14 All now who can shoot with the bow, arrange yourselves round about Babel; Shoot at her,—and spare not the darts, for she has offended JEHOVAH,
RF JER 50:15 Around her, shout out " She submits and her bulwarks have fallen! " The LORD will do justice on her, so hasten and throw down her ramparts! Come, execute justice on her, and as she has done, give back to her now!
RF JER 50:16 Cut off the sowers from Babel, and scythemen in season of harvest; From the face of your terrible swords let each fly like a dove to his people,—Turn, and every man fly to his country.
RF JER 50:17 Israel was like a lost flock, whom the lions had driven and scattered At first Ashur's king was devouring, and now in succession, His bones they were broken by Babel's King, Nebuchadnezzar;
RF JER 50:18 "Therefore," thus says the LORD OF THE HOSTS, Who is Israel's GOD, "I will repay to Babel, its king and his land, as to Ashur I repaid!
RF JER 50:19 But bring Israel home to his pasture on Karmel and Bashan, And to Mount Ephraim and Gilad, and then I will, satisfy his soul,—
RF JER 50:20 In those days, and those times," says the LORD, "Israel's faults shall be sought but shall be not; Nor Judah's offences be found, because I have pardoned the sins they committed.
RF JER 50:21 Advance to the land of revolt, with punishing sword to her people, Pursue them to waste and destroy," says the LORD, "and do all I decree."
RF JER 50:22 War sounds in the land with her mighty destruction and breaking;
RF JER 50:23 Her hammer smashes the land, and Babel becomes but a wreck to the Nations!
RF JER 50:24 BabeI! I tried for and caught you, and you did not know or suspect Me; I found, and I also have caught, for you strove with JEHOVAH!
RF JER 50:25 The LORD'S storehouse was opened, He brought out his weapons of anger, For the GREAT LORD OF HOSTS has a work in the land of the Kasdim!
RF JER 50:26 Come to her from far, break her stones, cast them out like a corn heap! Dissipate all that she has, and let not a fragment be left her!
RF JER 50:27 Destroy all the bullocks she has, driving them down to the slaughter;—Woe! for them! for their day has now come, the time of their anguish!
RF JER 50:28 Cry out, "Fly and escape from the country of Babel! " Tell to Zion, The LORD our GOD is avenging, avenging His Temple!"
RF JER 50:29 Summon legions to Babel, all archers and bowmen to camp round against her, Let none escape from her I Repay her her work,—all she did, do to her! For she insulted the Lord,—the Most Holy of Israel!"
RF JER 50:30 And therefore her youths," says the LORD, "shall fall down on her squares, "And her warriors faint on that day.
RF JER 50:31 I am opposed to your pride," says the GREAT LORD of Armies; "For your day has arrived, and the time I chastise you.
RF JER 50:32 When your pride shall totter and fall, and without restoration, When I kindle your towns and consume all around them!"
RF JER 50:33 Israel's Redeemer.
Thus says the LORD OF HOSTS "The children of Israel and the children of Judah are both alike oppressed, and all who capture, hold them;—they refuse to liberate.
RF JER 50:34 The name of their Redeemer is the Mighty LORD OF HOSTS. He will plead their cause, to bring rest to the land; but will agitate Babel.
RF JER 50:35 A sword is over the Kasdim, says the LORD, and against the inhabitants of Babel, and against her Nobles and Philosophers
RF JER 50:36 A sword is against her powerful, who will act foolishly. A sword is against her heroes, and they shall be cowards.
RF JER 50:37 A sword is against her horses and chariots, and against all the mercenaries within her, and they shall become like women. A sword is against her treasuries, and they shall be plundered.
RF JER 50:38 A drought is against her rivers, and they shall be dried up; for it is a land of Idols, and they are mad for Images!
RF JER 50:39 "Therefore the howling beasts of the desert shall dwell there,—and the young of the ostrich, for it shall not be repeopled for ever, and not inhabited for ages of ages!
RF JER 50:40 As GOD overwhelmed Sodom and Gomorah, and their neighbors," says the EVER-LIVING, "no man shall dwell there, and no son of Adam lodge in her!
RF JER 50:41 Look A People comes from the North! and a great Nation; and many kings raise themselves from the sides of the earth!
RF JER 50:42 They seize the bow and quiver—they are fierce and pity not, with a voice like the roaring sea. They ride on disciplined horses like soldiers, to assail you, daughters of Babel.
RF JER 50:43 The king of Babel will hear the report, and his hands fail, and anguish seize him like a childing woman.
RF JER 50:44 See him advance like a lion from the flooding of the Jordan to the permanent pasture;—"I will assail from their rear! What hero can defend them? For who is equal to me? And who expects me, and what shepherd can stand before me?"
RF JER 50:45 Therefore hear the purpose of the EVER-LIVING, which He intends against Babel, and the plans He has planned against the land of the Kasdim,—if they do not draw in the young of the flock, if they do not withdraw themselves from the meadow,—
RF JER 50:46 the earth shall shake at the sound of the crash of Babel, and the Nations will hear her shriek

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