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   Work on the 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' began in 1853 by a London businessman named Ferrar Fenton (1832–1920). The complete Bible was first published in 1903, though some individual bible 'books' were published as separate volumes during the preceding 11 years.
   Fenton is well known for a rearranging of the books of the Bible into what the author believed was the correct chronological order. In the Old Testament, this order follows that of the Hebrew Bible. The name of God was translated throughout the Old Testament as "The Ever-Living".
   Fenton is an exciting translation that shows respect and gives clarity in many areas where other translations fall short. This Bible is described as being "translated into English direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek languages."

    Henrik Borgström assisted Fenton with his translation of the Book of Job, which first appeared in 1898. The book of Job was "rendered into the same metre as the original Hebrew, word by word and line by line". His translation of the New Testament is based on the Greek text of Westcott and Hort. The ordering novelty in the New Testament is that it places the Gospel of John and the First Epistle of John at the beginning before the Gospel of Matthew, thus placing the Acts of the Apostles immediately after the Gospel of Luke.

   Notable as well, is Ferrar Fenton's restoration of the Psalms into the musical verse form as close to the original as he could get. The Psalms were, quite literally, songs, complete with instructions for the "choirmaster" as well as descriptions of the proper musical instruments to be used. Today Psalm 48, Psalm 137, and Psalm 23 are still sung in churches, albeit to tunes not the original.

   This bible is named the "Revised Fenton" because it puts things back into chronological order. In many cases, whether in error or not, Ferrar moved some parts of the scriptures down to the footnote section. These re-ordered verses have been returned to their chronological order as they are currently found in the King James Version. There was no alteration of the wording or intended meaning of what was originally intended by Mr. Fenton."

Blog entry: September 17, 2016

   Welcome to the new blog section. Join us in this exciting effort to display the works of Ferrar Fenton! The Holy Bible in Modern English is now fully digitized and can be seen for it's creative and artistic beauty as well as for the spiritual edification that we all need through the daily study of the scriptures.

   This project actually began in 2012 when the conversion of scanned images, using OCR software, revived a very beautiful but tangled digital version of Ferrar Fenton's work. The major part of the editing, including verse alignment, OCR errors and chapter breaks took over one year. Still, as we go there are minor fixes to punctuation and a few odd necessary edits.

   In its very raw form, 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' went online with a free but very undependable web hosting service in 2014, where it has been ever since.
   With thanks to the generosity of others, just recently, the site has been moved to its current home. This hosting service is by far superior to the previous but costs are high so we are maintaining an ad service to help offset the costs.

RF EZE 16:1

A Message to Jerusalem on her sins.
The message of the EVER-LIVING came again to me to say;

RF EZE 16:2 "Son of Adam, inform Jerusalem of her depravities,
RF EZE 16:3 and proclaim, Thus says the Mighty Lord to Jerusalem; By origin and race you are of the land of Canan!—your father an Amorite, and your mother a Hitite!
RF EZE 16:4 And at your nativity,—on the day of your birth, your navel was not cut, nor were you washed clean with water, nor salted with salt, nor swathed with bandages.
RF EZE 16:5 No eye pitied you, to do any of these to you, from affection for you, but you were flung on the surface of the earth, an outcast life on the day of your birth!
RF EZE 16:6 "I, however, passed near you, and saw you wallowing in your blood, and said to you in your bleeding, ' Live! ' and repeated to you when bleeding, ' Live! '
RF EZE 16:7 Then I made you grow like the plants of the field, and you flourished and grew up, and became very beautiful! Your breasts developed, and your hair grew and you were a beauty of beauties;—yet you were naked and bare.
RF EZE 16:8 But I passed by you, and looked at you, and saw yours was the time for lovers, so I threw My cloak over you, and covered your nakedness, and made you a promise, and produced a contract to you," says the Mighty Lord, "and you became Mine.
RF EZE 16:9 Then I washed you in water, and swept your blood from you, and refreshed you with oil,
RF EZE 16:10 and clothed you in embroidery and shod you with sealskin, and girdled you with muslin, robed you in silk,
RF EZE 16:11 and adorned you with jewellery, and put bracelets on your wrists, and a collar on your neck.
RF EZE 16:12 I also put a locket on your brow, and earrings on your ears, and a beautiful turban on your head,
RF EZE 16:13 and ornaments of gold and silver, and your clothing was fine muslin, and silk, and embroidery. And I fed you with fine flour, and honey, and oil, and you were very beautiful, and you grew to be a Queen!
RF EZE 16:14 Then your fame for beauty went out to the nations,—for it was perfect, from My majesty that I had put upon you," said the Mighty Lord.
RF EZE 16:15 "You, however, relied upon your beauty, and whored upon your fame, and poured out your fornication to every traveler who might come!
RF EZE 16:16 And you took your robes and made yourself luxurious couches, and fornicated upon them,—without payment or fee!
RF EZE 16:17 You also took your beautiful jewels,—My gold, and My silver,—which I had given to you, and made yourself forms like males, and fornicated "with them!
RF EZE 16:18 And took your bordered robes and covered them, and put My oil, and My incense before them!
RF EZE 16:19 And My bread of fine flour, oil, and honey, which I had given you to eat, you placed before them for a dainty, and it was a dainty," says the Mighty Lord.
RF EZE 16:20 "And you took your sons and your daughters, whom you had borne to Me, and have sacrificed them to be devoured!1 "Were your whoredoms nothing?
RF EZE 16:21 but that you must murder My children, and give them to be passed round as food?
RF EZE 16:22 And in all your depravities, and all your whoredoms, have you not remembered the days of your youth, when you were naked and bare? and were wallowing in your blood?
RF EZE 16:23 But now after all your wickedness, Woe, woe to you! '' says the Mighty Lord,
RF EZE 16:24 "you have built yourself a mound, and made yourself an erection in every square!
RF EZE 16:25 and at the top of every street you have constructed couches, and prostituted your beauty, and spread your legs for every passenger, and increased your whoredoms!
RF EZE 16:26 "You have also fornicated with the big-bodied sons of the Mitzeraim, your neighbors,—and multiplied your whoredoms to provoke Me.
RF EZE 16:27 So now I have extended My hand against you, and will diminish your allowance, and give you to the will of your haters, the daughters of the Philistines.—Will they shame you from your vile ways?
RF EZE 16:28 "You also whored with Ashur,—but were not satiated! Then whored with them again,—and were not satiated!
RF EZE 16:29 Then you extended your fornications to the land of merchants, the Kasdim. But even by that you were not satiated!
RF EZE 16:30 Why! your heart should have been sick," says the Mighty Lord, "at your doing all these things,—the acts of an impudent, whorish woman!
RF EZE 16:31 At your building mounds at the top of every road, and making your erections in every square;—and were not like a harlot, —for you scorned pay.
RF EZE 16:32 You were an adulterous wife, taking strangers instead of her husband!
RF EZE 16:33 They give pay to every prostitute, but you gave pay to your lovers! and bribed them to come to you from round about to whore you.
RF EZE 16:34 And you are different to other women with your whoremongers,—they do not follow you to fornicate,—but you give them pay, and they give not pay to you—so you are different! "
1 Note.—Ch. 16, v. 20. This striking phrase clearly indicates that cannibalism, even on their own children by their parents, was one of the horrors of the Pagan worship of the apostate Hebrews. We need not therefore wonder at the unmeasured Divine denunciation against their toleration of paganism.—F.F.
RF EZE 16:35 Therefore, harlot, hear the message of the EVER-LIVING.
RF EZE 16:36 Thus says the Mighty Lord: "Because your filth was poured out, and your nakedness uncovered, for your fornications with your lovers, and for all your depraved idols, and because of the blood of your children who were given to them,—
RF EZE 16:37 I will in consequence collect all your paramours with whom you luxuriated, and all whom you have loved, with all whom you hated,—I will collect them against you from around, and strip your shame before them, and they shall see your shame!
RF EZE 16:38 Then I will punish you with the punishment that adulteresses and murderesses are punished with, and shed your blood with indignation and contempt.
RF EZE 16:39 Yes! I will put you in their power, and they will overturn your mounds, and throw down your erections, and strip off your clothes, and seize your beautiful jewels, and make you sit naked and bare.
RF EZE 16:40 Then I will bring a mob about you, and they will kill you by stoning, and hack you with their swords, and burn your houses with fire,
RF EZE 16:41 and execute justice upon you in the sight of a crowd of women,—when you will cease from your whoredom,—and never again give your payments.
RF EZE 16:42 That is how I will gratify My indignation upon you! Then My rage will turn from you, and I can rest, and be no more provoked.
RF EZE 16:43 Because you did not remember the days of your youth, but irritated Me by all those things,—consequently I will put your habit on your head," says the Mighty Lord, "for have you not practiced this vice beyond all your depravities?
RF EZE 16:44 "Look! Everyone can repeat this proverb against you, ' Like mother, like daughter!
RF EZE 16:45 You are your mother's daughter! she loathed her husband and children;—and the sister of your sisters;—they loathed their husbands, and their children; —their mother was a Hitite, and their father an Amorite.
RF EZE 16:46 Your elder sister is Shomeron, and her daughters who sit at your left, and your younger sister is Sodom and her daughters who sit at your right.
RF EZE 16:47 And have you not walked on their road? and as they did, and as they depraved themselves, have not you done? That was little! for you corrupted yourself more than they in every way!
RF EZE 16:48 "By My life! " says the Mighty Lord, "Sodom, your sister, she and her daughters did not do what you and your daughters have done!
RF EZE 16:49 Look! This was the fault of Sodom, your sister—pride, gluttony, and careless ease, were hers, and her daughters'; and that she did not support the house of the poor and wretched.
RF EZE 16:50 They were also haughty, and practiced depravity before Me, so I swept them away as you have seen.
RF EZE 16:51 "And Shomeron did not sin half your sins, for you increased your depravities more than her;—and you have made an excuse for your sister by all the depravities you have practiced!
RF EZE 16:52 So hear your own disgrace, since you blamed your sisters about your own sins, in which you have depraved yourself.—They were more excusable than you.—However, be ashamed of yourself, and bear your infamy, by the excuse you have made for your sisters!
RF EZE 16:53 "So I will turn away the slavery of the slaves of Sodom, and her daughters;—and the slavery of Shomeron, and her daughters, and the slavery of your slaves amongst them;
RF EZE 16:54 so that you may bear infamy, and be ashamed of all that you have done to excuse them!
RF EZE 16:55 Your sister, Sodom, however, and her daughters were captured first; then Shomeron and her daughters were captured in anticipation; and now your daughters are captured previous to yourself!
RF EZE 16:56 But yet your sister Sodom was not heard of from your mouth in the day of your pride,
RF EZE 16:57 before your vices were discovered, at the time of the insult to the daughters of Aram, and her neighbors,—the daughters of the Philishtim, who were flogged around you,
RF EZE 16:58 for the wickedness and depravities you yourself possessed!" the EVER-LIVING says.
RF EZE 16:59 "Therefore," the Mighty Lord says it, "I have done to you, as you have done.—as you treated your oath with contempt, and broke the contract.
RF EZE 16:60 "However, I will call to mind My contract with you in the days of your youth,—and make a lasting contract with you,
RF EZE 16:61 when you reflect on your ways and your infamy during your marriage, along with your elder sister, and your younger, —and I will give them to you for attendants, but not for your control.
RF EZE 16:62 Thus I will settle a contract with you, when you learn that I am Master!
RF EZE 16:63 so that you may reflect and be ashamed, and never again make for yourself an open path for your infamy,—after I have forgiven you for all you have done," says the Mighty Loud.

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