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The Holy Bible in Modern English. Revised Edition.
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   Work on the 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' began in 1853 by a London businessman named Ferrar Fenton (1832–1920). The complete Bible was first published in 1903, though some individual bible 'books' were published as separate volumes during the preceding 11 years.
   Fenton is well known for a rearranging of the books of the Bible into what the author believed was the correct chronological order. In the Old Testament, this order follows that of the Hebrew Bible. The name of God was translated throughout the Old Testament as "The Ever-Living".
   Fenton is an exciting translation that shows respect and gives clarity in many areas where other translations fall short. This Bible is described as being "translated into English direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek languages."

    Henrik Borgström assisted Fenton with his translation of the Book of Job, which first appeared in 1898. The book of Job was "rendered into the same metre as the original Hebrew, word by word and line by line". His translation of the New Testament is based on the Greek text of Westcott and Hort. The ordering novelty in the New Testament is that it places the Gospel of John and the First Epistle of John at the beginning before the Gospel of Matthew, thus placing the Acts of the Apostles immediately after the Gospel of Luke.

   Notable as well, is Ferrar Fenton's restoration of the Psalms into the musical verse form as close to the original as he could get. The Psalms were, quite literally, songs, complete with instructions for the "choirmaster" as well as descriptions of the proper musical instruments to be used. Today Psalm 48, Psalm 137, and Psalm 23 are still sung in churches, albeit to tunes not the original.

   This bible is named the "Revised Fenton" because it puts things back into chronological order. In many cases, whether in error or not, Ferrar moved some parts of the scriptures down to the footnote section. These re-ordered verses have been returned to their chronological order as they are currently found in the King James Version. There was no alteration of the wording or intended meaning of what was originally intended by Mr. Fenton."

Blog entry: September 17, 2016

   Welcome to the new blog section. Join us in this exciting effort to display the works of Ferrar Fenton! The Holy Bible in Modern English is now fully digitized and can be seen for it's creative and artistic beauty as well as for the spiritual edification that we all need through the daily study of the scriptures.

   This project actually began in 2012 when the conversion of scanned images, using OCR software, revived a very beautiful but tangled digital version of Ferrar Fenton's work. The major part of the editing, including verse alignment, OCR errors and chapter breaks took over one year. Still, as we go there are minor fixes to punctuation and a few odd necessary edits.

   In its very raw form, 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' went online with a free but very undependable web hosting service in 2014, where it has been ever since.
   With thanks to the generosity of others, just recently, the site has been moved to its current home. This hosting service is by far superior to the previous but costs are high so we are maintaining an ad service to help offset the costs.

RF EXO 21:1

The Law of Social Life.
"Now these are the decrees which you shall put before them:

RF EXO 21:2 A servant shall serve six years' servitude, and in the seventh he shall go out to freedom.
RF EXO 21:3 If he is single, he shall go out single; if he has a wife, his wife shall go out with him.
RF EXO 21:4 But if his master has given him a wife, and she has borne sons or daughters to him, the wife and her children-which she has borne shall belong to the master, and he shall go away single.
RF EXO 21:5 If, however, the servant says, 'I like my master, my wife, and my children,' he shall not go into freedom;
RF EXO 21:6 but his master shall present him to the magistrates, and station him at the door, or at the door-posts, and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl, and he shall serve continuously.
RF EXO 21:7 Law of Marriage.
"If a man sells his daughter to be a mother, she should not go as if going into slavery.
RF EXO 21:8 If she is not pleasing in the eyes of her master, when he has not known her, then he shall free her to her own people without a payment; he shall not have power to sell her because of his treachery to her.
RF EXO 21:9 But if she has borne a child to him, then he shall treat her according to the law about wives.
RF EXO 21:10 "If he takes another to her, he shall not diminish her share for clothing, and conjugal rights.
RF EXO 21:11 And if a third to these, he shall not send her away destitute, without money."
RF EXO 21:12 Law of Murder.
"Whoever assails a man and he dies;—He shall be put to death.
RF EXO 21:13 But if he did not lie in wait, but his stroke came from GOD, then you shall provide a place where he may fly.
RF EXO 21:14 If, however, a man plans against his neighbour to murder him; then you shall take him from My altar to kill him.
RF EXO 21:15 "And whoever assaults his father or his mother; He shall be killed.
RF EXO 21:16 "Whoever steals a man and sells him; when he is caught he shall be put to death."
RF EXO 21:17 Whoever curses his father or mother; he shall be put to death.
RF EXO 21:18 "And when men contend, and a man assaults his neighbour with a stone or a clod, but he does not die, yet is reduced to his bed,
RF EXO 21:19 if he recovers and can walk out upon his crutch, and he escapes from the injury, except his loss of time, he shall be compensated, and the physician paid for his cure."
RF EXO 21:20 And if a man strikes his slave, or his maid-servant, with his stick and he dies under his hand, they shall be avenged.
RF EXO 21:21 Yet if these continue a day, or some days, they shall not be avenged, for they were his property."
RF EXO 21:22 And when two persons quarrel, and they strike a pregnant woman, and her child comes out, and mischief does not ensue; he shall be fined, according to what is laid upon him to compensate the woman, and that shall be fixed by the judges.
RF EXO 21:23 But if mischief ensues, you shall inflict life for life:
RF EXO 21:24 eye for eye; tooth for tooth, hand for hand; foot for foot:
RF EXO 21:25 mark for mark: mutilation for mutilation; wound for wound: blow for blow."
RF EXO 21:26 And if any man strikes his slave in the eye, so that his eye becomes blind, he shall let him go free instead of his eye."
RF EXO 21:27 And if a tooth, from his slave, so that the tooth is destroyed, in compensation he shall set him free, instead of his tooth."
RF EXO 21:28 And if a bullock butts a man and the man dies, you shall stone the bullock, and not eat of its flesh, but destroy the bullock for nothing.
RF EXO 21:29 But if the bullock were accustomed to butt formerly, and his owner knew it, and did not guard it, and it kills a man, or a woman, the bullock shall be stoned and the owner put to death.
RF EXO 21:30 "But if a fine is laid upon him, he shall pay it, and his life be free from all, because of the fine laid upon him.
RF EXO 21:31 Whether a man or a woman is butted, it shall be done according to this decree."
RF EXO 21:32 If a slave man or woman is butted by a bullock, thirty shekels of silver shall be given to their master, and the bullock be stoned.
RF EXO 21:33 Laws of Accidents and Thefts.
"And if a man opens a well, or digs a well, and does not cover it, and an ox or an ass shall fall into it,
RF EXO 21:34 because of the well he shall pay a money fine to its owner, and the dead shall be his.
RF EXO 21:35 "And if the bullock of a man gores the bullock of his neighbour, and it dies, then they shall sell the living bullock, and divide the money, and they shall also divide the dead.
RF EXO 21:36 But if its master know that the bullock gored formerly, and he did not guard it, he shall compensate with a bullock for the bullock, and the dead shall be to him.

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