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   Work on the 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' began in 1853 by a London businessman named Ferrar Fenton (1832–1920). The complete Bible was first published in 1903, though some individual bible 'books' were published as separate volumes during the preceding 11 years.
   Fenton is well known for a rearranging of the books of the Bible into what the author believed was the correct chronological order. In the Old Testament, this order follows that of the Hebrew Bible. The name of God was translated throughout the Old Testament as "The Ever-Living".
   Fenton is an exciting translation that shows respect and gives clarity in many areas where other translations fall short. This Bible is described as being "translated into English direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek languages."

Blog entry: September 17, 2016

   Welcome to the new blog section. Join us in this exciting effort to display the works of Ferrar Fenton! The Holy Bible in Modern English is now fully digitized and can be seen for it's creative and artistic beauty as well as for the spiritual edification that we all need through the daily study of the scriptures.

   This project actually began in 2012 when the conversion of scanned images, using OCR software, revived a very beautiful but tangled digital version of Ferrar Fenton's work. The major part of the editing, including verse alignment, OCR errors and chapter breaks took over one year. Still, as we go there are minor fixes to punctuation and a few odd necessary edits.

   In its very raw form, 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' went online with a free but very undependable web hosting service in 2014, where it has been ever since.
   With thanks to the generosity of others, just recently, the site has been moved to its current home. This hosting service is by far superior to the previous but costs are high so we are maintaining an ad service to help offset the costs.

RF CH2 26:1 (810 B.C.) The Parliament elect Uzziah.
Then the Parliament of Judea took Uzziah, who was sixteen years old, and crowned him in place of his father, Amazihu.
RF CH2 26:2 He built Ailoth, which he recovered for Judea, after that King slept with his fathers.
RF CH2 26:3 Uzziah was sixteen years old at his coronation, and he reigned fifty-two years in Jerusalem. His mother's name was Jakiliah of Jerusalem.
RF CH2 26:4 He did right in the sight of the EVER-LIVING, in all that his father Amazihu had done,
RF CH2 26:5 and sought GOD in the days of Zakerihu, the instructor in the manifestation of GOD, and ill the period when he sought the EVER-LIVING GOD gave him success.
RF CH2 26:6 So he went out and fought with the Philishtim, and broke the wall of Gath, and the wall of Jabrfah, and the wall of Ashdod, and Jabnah in the Wood, and built Cities near Ashdod, and amongst the Philishtim.
RF CH2 26:7 For GOD helped him against the Philishtim, and against the Arabians, and the population of Garbal, Maninim.
RF CH2 26:8 The Amonites also paid tribute to Uzziah, and his power extended to the passage into Mitzeraim, for he advanced to high power.
RF CH2 26:9 Uzziah Fortifies his Country.
Moreover Uzziah built towers in Jerusalem at the corner gate, and at the valley gate, and at the turning of the wall, and fortified them. (KJV)
RF CH2 26:10 Uzziah also built Forts in the pastures, and excavated many reservoirs, for he had much cattle, both on the slopes, and the plain, with farms and vineyards on the hills, and in Karmel, for he was a lover of the ground.
RF CH2 26:11 (810 B.C.) He trains a standing army.
Uzziah had also an army trained for war, who went out to war, in numbered regiments, under the control of Javal the Secretary and Masiah the organizer, under the command of Hananiah the General of the King.
RF CH2 26:12 The whole number of Ancestral Chiefs in the Army was two thousand six hundred,—
RF CH2 26:13 and under their hand a warlike force of three hundred and seven thousand, five hundred disciplined for battle. A powerful force to support the King against the enemy.
RF CH2 26:14 And Uzziah provided them with shields and spears, and helmets, and armour, and bows, and stone slings.
RF CH2 26:15 He also made artillery in Jerusalem, contrived to be fixed in the Forts, and at the bastions, to shoot arrows, and great stones. His fame consequently went out afar, for he was remarkably skilful as well as bold.
RF CH2 26:16 But as he strengthened himself his heart mounted to destruction, and he sinned against his EVER-LIVING GOD; for he entered the Temple of the EVER-LIVING to offer incense on the Altar of Incense.
RF CH2 26:17 But Azarihu the Priest entered after him, and eighty Priests of the EVER-LIVING with him,—brave men,—
RF CH2 26:18 who withstood Uzziah the King, and said to him:—"It is not for you, Uzziah, to offer incense to the EVER-LIVING but for the Priests, the descendants of Aaron, who are consecrated to offer incense. Go from the Sanctuary,—for you have sinned,—and it will not be accepted from you by the EVER-LIVING GOD!"
RF CH2 26:19 And Uzziah was furious, but had the censer in his hand to offer incense, and in his fury with the Priests, the Leprosy rose up in his forehead, before the Priests, in the House of the EVER-LIVING, beside the Altar of Incense!
RF CH2 26:20 Then Azarihu the Chief Priest and all the Priests turned upon him, and saw that he was a Leper in the forehead, so dragged him from there, and he also hasted to go out, for the EVER-LIVING afflicted him.
RF CH2 26:21 Uzziah Dies a Leper.
Thus King Uzziah became a Leper to the day of his death, and resided in a house of retreat for Lepers, for he was excommunicated from the House of the EVER-LIVING, and Jotham his son governed the People of the Country from the Royal Palace.
RF CH2 26:22 But the other acts of Uzziah, the first and the last, Isaiah-ben-Amoz, the Preacher wrote.
RF CH2 26:23 When Uzziah slept with his fathers, they buried him with his ancestors, in a field where the Kings were not, "for," they said, "he was a Leper." Then his son Jotham reigned in his stead.

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