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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF CH2 32:1 (713 B.C.) Senakerib assails Judea.
After these events, and this faithfulness, Senakerib King of Ashur came and advanced against Judea, and encamped against the Fortified Cities, to clutch them for himself.
RF CH2 32:2 But when Hezekiah saw how Senakerib advanced, to fight resolutely against Jerusalem,
RF CH2 32:3 he consulted with his Nobles and Generals how to obstruct the waters from the springs that were outside the City,—and they helped him.
RF CH2 32:4 So they collected many people and turned the springs aside, and the brook that wound through the country, reflecting;—"Why should the King of Ashur come and find plenty of water?"
RF CH2 32:5 They also strengthened and rebuilt the whole of the wall that had become dilapidated, and heightened the towers, and formed another outer wall, and repaired the fortress of the City of David, and made missiles and plenty of shields.
RF CH2 32:6 He also placed Military Officers over the people, and collected them to himself in the Square of the Tower Gate, and spoke to their hearts and said,
RF CH2 32:7 "Be bold and courageous! and fear not, nor be depressed at the face of the king of Ashur; or at the face of all the rabble who are with him, for there are more with us, than with him.
RF CH2 32:8 With him there is an arm of flesh;—with us is our EVER-LIVING GOD to help, and to fight our battles." And the people were pleased at the speech of Hezekiah, King of Judah.
RF CH2 32:9 (710 B.C.) Senakerib sends his General against Jerusalem.
After that Senakerib, the King of Ashur, sent his Minister to Jerusalem, against Hezekiah, King of Judah, and all of Judea who were with him in Jerusalem; but himself with his Commanders was at Lakish, and they said:
RF CH2 32:10 "Thus asks Senakerib, King of Ashur! Upon what do you rely, that you remain in the Fortress of Jerusalem?
RF CH2 32:11 Let not Hezekiah seduce you, to give you to Death, by Famine and Thirst, by saying, 'Our EVER-LIVING GOD will rescue you from the hands of the King of Ashur!'
RF CH2 32:12 Is that not Him whose Mounds and Altars Hezekiah has thrown down? and commanded to Judea and Jerusalem, saying, 'You shall worship at a single Altar, and offer incense on it?'
RF CH2 32:13 Do you not know what I, and my fathers have done to all the Peoples of the Countries? Were the GODs of the Nations of the Countries able to rescue their lands from My Hand?
RF CH2 32:14 Who among all these GODs of the Nations whom My Ancestors desolated,—who has been able to rescue them from My Hand?
RF CH2 32:15 So now, let not Hezekiah deceive you, nor seduce you, like that,—and do not trust to him!—For none of all the GODs of any Nation or Kingdom has been able to rescue his people from My Hand, or from the hand of My Fathers! So that GOD of yours cannot rescue you from my hand!"
RF CH2 32:16 His Officers declaimed still more against the EVER-LIVING GOD, and against Hezekiah, His servant.
RF CH2 32:17 He also wrote letters to insult the LIVING GOD of Israel, and said to Him, "You are like the GODs of the Nations of the Countries who could not rescue their Peoples from My Hand!
RF CH2 32:18 So the GOD of Hezekiah cannot rescue His people from My Hand!" Then they shouted with a loud voice in Judith to the People of Jerusalem who were on the wall, to terrify and dispirit them, so that they might capture the City.
RF CH2 32:19 They consequently spoke of the GOD of Jerusalem as of the GODs of the Peoples of the earth, made by the hands of men!
RF CH2 32:20 But Hezekiah the King, and Isaiah-ben-Amoz the Preacher, prayed about this, and cried to the Heavens,
RF CH2 32:21 and the EVER-LIVING sent His Messenger, and destroyed all the soldiers of the Army, with its Commander, and Generals, in the camp of the King of Ashur. So he returned disgraced back to his own country, and went to the House of his GOD, and the progeny of his own bowels caused him to fall there by the sword.
RF CH2 32:22 Thus the EVER-LIVING saved Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem from the hand of Senakerib King of Ashur, and from the hand of all, and turned them back.
RF CH2 32:23 Consequently many brought gifts to the EVER-LIVING at Jerusalem, with congratulations to Hezekiah, King of Judea, and he was raised in the opinion of all the Nations after that.
RF CH2 32:24 Hezekiah is taken ill.
At this period Hezekiah was ill nearly to death, but he prayed to the EVER-LIVING, Who answered him, and performed a sign for him.
RF CH2 32:25 But Hezekiah did not repay to Him in return for his heart was proud. Therefore anger came upon himself, and Judea, and Jerusalem.
RF CH2 32:26 (710 B.C.) Hezekiah's Prosperity.
Then Hezekiah lowered the pride of his heart, and the People of Jerusalem with him, so that the anger of the EVER-LIVING did not come upon them in the days of Hezekiah.
RF CH2 32:27 Then Hezekiah became rich and very greatly honoured, so he made himself treasuries for the silver and gold, and precious stones, and for the spices, and the shields, and all his costly furniture,
RF CH2 32:28 and barns to collect corn, and wine, and oil; and yards for all kinds of cattle; and cattle and flocks for the yards.
RF CH2 32:29 He also made villages for himself, and acquired sheep and oxen in abundance; for GOD gave him very great Prosperity.
RF CH2 32:30 It was Hezekiah also who turned the upper waters of the Ghihon, and conducted them to a bed on the West of the City of David, for Hezekiah succeeded in all that he did.
RF CH2 32:31 But, however, in the affair of the Scientific Inquirers, who were sent to him from Babel, to enquire about the remarkable Event which had happened to the Earth, GOD left him, to test him, and know all his heart.1
RF CH2 32:32 But the rest of the doings of Hezekiah, and his piety, they can be seen written in the Visions of Isaiah-ben-Amoz, the Preacher, in the History of the Kings of Judah and Israel.2
RF CH2 32:33 (698 B.C.) Then Hezekiah slept with his fathers, and they buried him on the top of the Tombs of the Descendants of David, and made a mourning for him. After his death all Judea, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, elected Manasseh, his son King in his stead.
1 NOTE—Ch. 32, v, 31. This referred to the going back of the Shadow on the Dial, which the Chaldean Astronomers had noted, and enquired after, as the Greek pagan Historians tell us they informed Alexander the Great that it was one of the wonders they had recorded in their Scientific Books. See Professor A. L. Totton's Chronology.—F.F.
2 NOTE—Ch. 32, v. 32. This statement and that in Ch. 16, v. 22, of 2 Chronicles, prove, I think, that the Prophet Isaiah was the writer of the Six Historical Books, from Judges to Second Kings inclusive, and accounts for their masterly and philosophic style as compared to those later written records of the family of David, called "The Chronicles."—.F.F.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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