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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF CH2 4:1 He also made an Altar of Brass, twenty cubits long and twenty cubits broad, and ten cubits high.1
1. Note.— Ch. 4, v. 1. There must be some error of an old transcriber here, for the dimensions are impossible. In Exodus, Ch 27, v. 1, it was ordered to be five cubits only. It should probably read two cubits high.—F.F.
RF CH2 4:2 He also made the Sea by a casting, of ten cubits from lip to lip, circular in form, and five cubits high, and a line of thirty cubits encircled it,
RF CH2 4:3 with the likeness of bosses under it, circling all round. There were ten in a cubit all round the Sea. The bosses were in two rows, cast when it was cast.
RF CH2 4:4 It stood upon twelve bullocks; Three facing the North; and Three facing the West; and Three facing the South; and Three facing the East: and the Sea was upon them, and all their buttocks were inwards.
RF CH2 4:5 It was a palm thick, and its lip was worked like the lip of a cup, as a lily flower. Its capacity was three thousand Baths complete.
RF CH2 4:6 He also made ten lavers, and placed five on the right, and five on the left, in which to wash what was prepared for the Sacrifices, by dipping them.—But the Priests washed in the Sea itself.
RF CH2 4:7 He made also the Golden Lamps, as they were Decreed, and placed them in the Temple; five on the right, and five on the left.
RF CH2 4:8 He also made ten tables and placed them in the Temple, five on the right, and five on the left. And made a hundred basons of gold.
RF CH2 4:9 He also constructed the Priests' Court; and the Great Enclosure; and the doors to the Enclosure; and plated the doors with bronze.
RF CH2 4:10 Then he placed the Sea at the right corner, towards the South-east.
RF CH2 4:11 Huram also made the boilers, and shovels, and basons. Thus Huram completed the whole of the work which he had to do for King Solomon, at the House of GOD.
RF CH2 4:12 The two Columns; and the Vases, and the Diadems on the top of the two Columns; and the two net-works covering the two vases of the Diadems which were on the top of the Columns.
RF CH2 4:13 And the four hundred pomegranates, interwoven row by row separately to cover the two Vases which were on the heads of the Columns;
RF CH2 4:14 And the bases, and the lavers upon the bases;
RF CH2 4:15 The Single Sea, and the twelve bullocks under it;
RF CH2 4:16 With the boilers, and the shovels, and flesh-hooks; Huram, along with his father, made all these appliances of bright brass for the House of the EVER-LIVING, for King Solomon.
RF CH2 4:17 And he modelled them for the King in the stiff clay district of the Jordan, in the ground between Sukoth, and Zeredah.
RF CH2 4:18 And Solomon made all these things in very great quantities, for he did not weigh out his brass.
RF CH2 4:19 Solomon also made all the furniture of the House of the EVER-LIVING, and the Golden Altar, and the Tables, upon which the Show-bread was;
RF CH2 4:20 with the Lamps to be burnt as Decreed before the Pulpit of pure Gold.
RF CH2 4:21 With the cups, and lamps, and tongs, of gold, it was perfect Gold;
RF CH2 4:22 and the snuffers, and basons, and spoons, and fire-pans of pure Gold; and the doors of the House, with their Eaves at the inner doors of the Holy of Holies;—and the doors of the structure of the Temple of Gold.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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