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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF CH2 5:1 (1005 B.C.) Dedication of the Temple.
When all the work of Solomon at the House of the EVER-LIVING was finished, Solomon brought in the Consecrations of his father David, both the Silver and Gold, and all the furniture he gave to the Treasury of the House of GOD.
RF CH2 5:2 And Solomon convoked for this purpose, the Magistrates of Israel, and all the Chiefs of the Tribes, and the Ancestral Princes of the Children of Israel, to Jerusalem, to carry up the Ark of the Covenant of the EVER-LIVING from the City of David,—which is Zion.
RF CH2 5:3 The King also invited every person in Israel to the Festival that occurs in the seventh month.—
RF CH2 5:4 All the Magistracy of Israel consequently came,—but the Levites carried the Ark.
RF CH2 5:5 The Levites also brought up the Tent of Assembly, and all the sacred furniture that was in the Tent, the Levitical Priests carrying them.
RF CH2 5:6 Then King Solomon, and all the Representatives of Israel, who were assembled with him before the Ark, sacrificed sheep, and oxen without number, and not estimated for quantity.
RF CH2 5:7 The Priests then brought the Ark of the Covenant of the EVER-LIVING, to its place at the Pulpit of the House, to the Holy of Holies, under the Canopy of the Kerubim;—
RF CH2 5:8 for the Kerubim spread their wings over the place for the Ark, so that Kerubim covered the Ark, and its Staves, from above.
RF CH2 5:9 But the Staves projected, and the ends of the Staves were seen from the Ark, at the front of the Pulpit,—but not seen beyond;—(and they were there permanently;)—
RF CH2 5:10 there was nothing in the Ark except the two slabs which Moses deposited at Horeb, when the EVER-LIVING made a Covenant with the People of Israel on bringing them out from the Mitzeraim.
RF CH2 5:11 When this was done, and all the Priests came out from the Sanctuary,—for all the Priests had been brought to the Sanctuary,—they were not separated,—
RF CH2 5:12 and the singing Levites,—and Asaph, and Heyman, and Jeduthun, and their sons, and companions, clothed in linen, with Cymbals, and lutes, and harps, stood by the Altar, with a hundred and twenty Priests sounding their trumpets,—
RF CH2 5:13 with the trumpeters and singers in unison,—proclaimed with one voice, praise and thanks to the EVER-LIVING. And when the sound of the trumpets, and Cymbals, and all the instruments of song arose, with the,—
"Praise the LORD for His Goodness, For His mercy endures for ever,"
the House was filled by a Cloud, the House of the EVER-LIVING,
RF CH2 5:14 so that the Priests were not able to stand to serve, on account of the Cloud, for the glory of the EVER-LIVING filled the House of GOD.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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