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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF CH2 6:1 Solomon's Dedication Address.
Then Solomon exclaimed;—"The LORD declared He would dwell in the Gloom!
RF CH2 6:2 Yet I have built a Residence for You! and constructed a Rest for You for Ages!"
RF CH2 6:3 The King then turned his face and blessed all the Assembly of Israel, while all the Assembly of Israel stood up;
RF CH2 6:4 And he said:—
"Thank the EVER-LIVING GOD of Israel Who promised with His mouth to my father David, and has accomplished it by His own hands, saying:—
RF CH2 6:5 "'From the day when I brought My people from the land of the Mitzeraim, I have not chosen a City from any of the Tribes of Israel where a House should be built to My NAME; nor have I chosen a person to be Prince over My People Israel,
RF CH2 6:6 but now I am choosing for My NAME to be in Jerusalem; and am choosing in David a Superintendent over My People of Israel! '
RF CH2 6:7 "Then it came into the heart of my father David to build a House to the NAME of the EVER-LIVING GOD of Israel.
RF CH2 6:8 But the EVER-LIVING said to David my father, 'Regarding what is in your heart about building a House to My NAME, you have done well that it was in your heart.
RF CH2 6:9 However you shall not build Me a House, but a son of yours, who comes from your loins, shall build a House to My NAME!'
RF CH2 6:10 "The EVER-LIVING has now accomplished the promise that He promised; for I am raised after David, and sit upon the Throne of Israel, as the EVER-LIVING promised, and I have built this House to the NAME of the EVER-LIVING GOD of Israel!
RF CH2 6:11 "I have also placed the Ark there, in which is the Covenant of the EVER-LIVING, that He made with the Children of Israel."
RF CH2 6:12 Solomon Blesses the Assembly.
Then he stood up before the Altar of the EVER-LIVING, opposite all the Parliament of Israel, and spread out his hands.
RF CH2 6:13 For Solomon had made a Platform of bronze, and fixed it in the centre of the enclosure,—It was five cubits long, and five cubits broad, and three cubits high,—and he stood upon it and blessed with his blessing before all the Parliament of Israel, and spread out his hands towards the Heavens,
RF CH2 6:14 and said;—"EVER-LIVING GOD Of Israel! There is none like You! GOD in the Heavens and on the Earth. You keep the Covenant, and have Mercy for Your servants who walk before You with a whole heart.—
RF CH2 6:15 You who have kept to Your servant, my father David, what You promised to him,—which You promised with Your mouth, and have accomplished by Your hands,—on this day!
RF CH2 6:16 So now EVER-LIVING GOD of Israel, keep to Your servant, my father David, what You also promised to him, when saying;—' A man shall not be wanting to you, in My Presence, to sit on the throne of Israel;—if only your children guard their conduct to walk in My Laws, as you have walked before Me.'
RF CH2 6:17 Therefore EVER-LIVING GOD of Israel, let Your promise, that You promised to my father David be verified.
RF CH2 6:18 "But will GOD truly dwell with Mankind upon earth? Look! The Heavens, and the Heaven of the Heavens cannot contain You! Then how can this House that I have built?
RF CH2 6:19 Yet turn to the prayer of Your servant, and to his entreaty, EVER-LIVING GOD, and listen to the cry, and the prayer which Your servant prays before You!
RF CH2 6:20 Let Your eyes be open to this House day and night; to the place where You have said You would place YOUR NAME, and hear the prayer which Your servant prays about this place;
RF CH2 6:21 and listen to the entreaty of Your servant, and of Your People of Israel, which they pray at this place; and let Yourself hear from Your dwelling-place, from the Heavens,—and when You hear, forgive!
RF CH2 6:22 "If a person sins against his neighbour, and a Curse is laid upon him to swear about it, and the Curse is brought before Your Altar, in this House;—
RF CH2 6:23 Then hear from the Heavens, and act, and decide about Your servants, and return on the head of the wicked the results of his course, and to the righteous, the results of his righteousness, when he has done right.
RF CH2 6:24 "And if Your People of Israel are routed before their enemies, because they have sinned against You; when they turn, and appeal to Your Name, and pray and entreat before You in this House;
RF CH2 6:25 then hear from the Heavens, and forgive the sins of Your People of Israel, and restore them to the Country which You gave to them and their ancestors.
RF CH2 6:26 "When the skies are restrained, and rain comes not, because they sin against You; when they pray from this place, and appeal to Your Name, and turn from their sins, because You punish them;
RF CH2 6:27 then hear from the Heavens, and forgive the sins of Your servants, and of Your People of Israel, and teach them the better way in which they should walk, and give rain upon Your Country, which You entrusted to Your People to possess.
RF CH2 6:28 "When famine comes to the Land; when plague comes; blasting; or mildew; if locust or caterpillar should come; if its enemies besiege it in the gates of the country; or any contagion, or any disease; any infliction,
RF CH2 6:29 any distress, such as comes to all Mankind, and to Your People of Israel, which all men know in themselves; when in their sorrow they spread their hands to this House;
RF CH2 6:30 then hear from the Heavens, the place of Your rest, and forgive, and grant to the person whose heart You know, what is right for his conduct,—for You alone know the hearts of the sons of Adam,—
RF CH2 6:31 so that they may reverence You, and walk in Your ways, all the days of their lives on the face of the Land which You gave to our fathers.
RF CH2 6:32 "And also the foreigners, who are not sprung from Your People of Israel, who came from distant countries, for the sake of Your GREAT NAME, and Your strong hand, and Your directing arm;—when they come and pray at this House,—
RF CH2 6:33 then listen from the Heavens from the Abode of Your Rest, and do all that is asked of You by those foreigners, so that all the Peoples of the Earth may know Your Name, and reverence You, like Your People of Israel, and may learn that Your NAME has been invoked upon this House that I have built.
RF CH2 6:34 "When Your People go out to war with their enemies, on a path that You send them, and pray to You towards this City that You have built for it, and the House which I have built to Your NAME;
RF CH2 6:35 listen from the Heavens to their prayer and entreaty, and do them justice,
RF CH2 6:36 when they sin against You,—for there is no man who does not sin,—and You are angry with them, and abandon them before their enemies, and their captors remove them to a distant land, or a near one;
RF CH2 6:37 when they turn their hearts in the land where they have been carried, and say, 'We have sinned, and been wilful, and wicked.'
RF CH2 6:38 And they turn to You with all their heart, and with all their soul, in the land of captivity where they are captive, and pray towards the country which was given to their fathers, and the City that You have chosen, and the House which I have built to Your NAME;—
RF CH2 6:39 then listen from the Heavens, from the abode of Your rest, to their prayers and entreaties, and do justice, and forgive Your People who have sinned against You.
RF CH2 6:40 "Now, My GOD, let Your eyes be open, and Your ears listening to the prayers in this place.
RF CH2 6:41 "So now, EVER-LIVING GOD, establish Your consolation,—Yourself,—with the Ark of Your strength. Let Your Priests, EVER-LIVING GOD, be clothed in Salvation, and Your Saints rejoice in Beneficence!
RF CH2 6:42 EVER-LIVING GOD! turn not Your face from Your Consecrated; remember the good deeds of Your Servant David!"


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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