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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF CH2 7:1 (1005 B.C.) The Divine Manifestation at the Consecration of the temple.
When Solomon had finished praying, the fire rushed down from the Heavens, and consumed the Burnt-offering, and Sacrifices; and the Glory of the EVER-LIVING filled the House,
RF CH2 7:2 so that the Priests were not able to enter the House of the EVER-LIVING, for the Glory of the LORD filled the House of the EVER-LIVING;
RF CH2 7:3 and all the Children of Israel saw the down-rushing fire and the Glory of the EVER-LIVING on the House, and they knelt face to the earth, on the pavement, and worshipped, and gave,
"Thanks to the EVER-LIVING, for He is good;
For His Mercy endures forever!"
RF CH2 7:4 The National Dedicatory Sacrifice.
The King and the Representatives of the People, afterwards made a Sacrifice before the EVER-LIVING.
RF CH2 7:5 But King Solomon sacrificed a Sacrifice of twenty-two thousand oxen, and a hundred and twenty thousand sheep. Thus the King and all the People dedicated the House of GOD,
RF CH2 7:6 while the Priests stood in their official robes, and the Levites, with the instruments of music, which King David had made for the EVER-LIVING, "To praise the LORD. For His Mercy endures for ever!" as when David praised by their Ministry. And the Priests were near them with trumpets, and the Representatives of Israel stood up.
RF CH2 7:7 Solomon Consecrates the Temple Court.
Solomon afterwards Consecrated the Middle Court, which is before the House of the EVER-LIVING, for there he offered Burnt-offerings, and the fats of the Thank-offerings, because the brazen Altar that Solomon had made was not able to receive the Burnt-offerings, and the Food-offerings and the fats.
RF CH2 7:8 The National Festival.
Solomon also made a Festival at that time for seven days,—and all Israel with him,—a very great Assembly,—from the Pass of Hamath, to the Canal of Mitzer.
RF CH2 7:9 But in the eighth day they made a concluding Feast,—for they had made the Dedication of the Altar for seven days; and the Festival for seven days.
RF CH2 7:10 So on the twenty-third day of the Seventh Month, he dismissed the People to their Homes, glad and pleased at heart, at the prosperity that the EVER-LIVING had provided for David and Solomon, and for His People of Israel.
RF CH2 7:11 Thus Solomon completed the House of the EVER-LIVING, and the Palace of the King, with all that came to the mind of Solomon to do to the House of the EVER-LIVING, and to his own Palace, he effected it.
RF CH2 7:12 Solomon sees a Divine Vision.
Then the LORD appeared to Solomon at night, and said to him,—"I have heard your prayers, and I have chosen this place for Myself as a place of Sacrifice.
RF CH2 7:13 "If I close the skies so that rain comes not; or if I order the locusts to devour the country; or if I send a Plague upon My People;
RF CH2 7:14 when My People, upon whom My NAME is invoked, kneel and pray, and seek My Presence, and turn from their wicked courses, then I will listen, and forgive their sins, and will restore health to their land.
RF CH2 7:15 Mine eyes will always be open, and My ears attentive to the prayers from this place,—
RF CH2 7:16 because I have chosen, and have consecrated this House for My NAME to be there for ever, and My heart there for all times.
RF CH2 7:17 "And yourself, if you walk before Me, as your father David walked, and do all that I have commanded you, and observe My Institutions, and Decrees;—
RF CH2 7:18 Then I will cause the Throne of your Empire to be established, as I undertook to your father David, when I said, 'A man shall not be wanting to you to govern Israel.'
RF CH2 7:19 "But if you turn from them, and abandon them, and serve seducing GODs, and worship them,
RF CH2 7:20 I will as a result be pulling you up out of the ground where I planted you, and from this House, that I have consecrated to MY NAME;—I will fling you from My Presence, and make a proverb and bye-word to all the Nations!
RF CH2 7:21 So that all who pass by it will be astonished at this House which was so high, and ask, 'Why has the EVER-LIVING done this to this land, and to this Temple?'
RF CH2 7:22 They will answer, 'Because they abandoned the EVER-LIVING GOD of their fathers, who brought them out of the country of the Mitzeraim, and have attached themselves to Seducing GODs, and worshipped them; therefore all this suffering has come upon them!'"


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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