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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF PRO 1:1 THE Proverbs of Solomon-Ben David, King of Israel,
RF PRO 1:2 which are to teach wisdom and correction, and to understand the ideas of intelligence;
RF PRO 1:3 how to acquire instruction, skill, righteousness, justice, and rectitude;
RF PRO 1:4 and to teach the young to gain prudence and discretion.
RF PRO 1:5 The Philosopher can listen, and add to his acquisitions, and the intelligent gain assistance
RF PRO 1:6 in understanding a proverb, and the meaning of the words of the Wise and their dark sayings!
Respect for the Lord is the first-fruit of Wisdom; and only fools despise correction.
RF PRO 1:8 David's Introductory address to his son Solomon.
"My son, hear your father's correction;
And reject not the words of your mother,
RF PRO 1:9 For they are a wreath for your head,
And chains for adorning your neck.
RF PRO 1:10 Rules of Life.
"Go not, my son, if the wicked entice,
RF PRO 1:11 If they say, 'Come, let us look out for blood,
And lurk for the careless and fools;
RF PRO 1:12 Let us swallow their lives like the grave,
And in mass, as they got to the pit!
RF PRO 1:13 We shall seize upon wealth of all kinds;
And with plunder can fill all our hands.
RF PRO 1:14 Come throw in your venture with us,
One purse then shall serve for us all!
RF PRO 1:15 "My son, go not out on their path!
And hold back your feet from their course,
RF PRO 1:16 For their footsteps rush on to distress,
And hasten to shedding of blood!
RF PRO 1:17 "The net surely is spread out in vain
In the sight of the lord of a wing!—
RF PRO 1:18 But those watch to shed their own blood,
They lay ambush against their own lives.
RF PRO 1:19 For that is the end of all plunder,—
Plunder captures the lives of its slaves.
RF PRO 1:20 An Invitation to the Crowd.
"Wisdom cries out aloud in the streets,—
RF PRO 1:21 She utters her voice in the squares;
At the top of the markets she cries,
At the wide open gates of the town,
She declaims in her speech!
RF PRO 1:22 The Speech of Wisdom.
"How long will you foolish love folly?
And scorners delight in your scorn?
And you ignorant hate to be taught.
RF PRO 1:23 Come, turn and examine my proofs,
For I pour out my spirit for you, To you I will teach my ideas!
RF PRO 1:24 "Tho' I cry, you will never attend;
Tho' I stretch out my hand none will grasp;
RF PRO 1:25 My councils you treat with neglect,
And you will not accept my reproofs,
RF PRO 1:26 So when you are in grief I will laugh
Will smile when your terror arrives,
RF PRO 1:27 When destruction comes on like a tempest,
And your sorrow sweeps on like a storm,
And your trouble and anguish have come!
RF PRO 1:28 "If you call me,—I will not reply!
You will seek,—but then never shall find,
RF PRO 1:29 In return for your hating instruction,
And refusing to reverence the LORD!
RF PRO 1:30 You did not desire1 my advice,
And you flung away all my reproofs;—
RF PRO 1:31 So eat of the fruit of your conduct,
Be satisfied with your own plans;
RF PRO 1:32 For the tricks of the cunning will kill them,
And deceptions of idiots destroy,
RF PRO 1:33 But my hearers in safety will dwell,
And rest without fear of distress.
1 NOTE: I change the 3rd person plural of the Hebrew verb to the 2nd person plural to meet our English Idiom in addressing an audience.—F.F.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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