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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF PRO 6:1 Advice on Business Affairs.
"My son, are you bond for a friend?
Or for strangers have signed with your hand?
RF PRO 6:2 Or are snared by the words of your mouth?
Or caught by the words of your lips?
RF PRO 6:3 Try this way, my son, to get free,—
Since you are in the hand of your neighbour,
Go humble yourself to your friend,
RF PRO 6:4 And never give sleep to your eyes,
Nor give to your eyelids a rest,
RF PRO 6:5 Till you leap like a deer from his net,
And a bird from the hand that had caught.
RF PRO 6:6 The Parable of the Ant.
"Go, Sluggard, look at the Ant,
Consider her ways, and be wise!
RF PRO 6:7 Who has no Leader, Guardian, or King,
RF PRO 6:8 Yet lays up her bread in the summer,
And heaps up in harvest her food!
RF PRO 6:9 "How long will you lie down, you sluggard?
When will you rise from your sleep?
RF PRO 6:10 'A little more sleep, and a little more slumber,
A little more folding the hand for a sleep,'
RF PRO 6:11 So your poverty comes like a robber,
And your want like a man with a shield.
RF PRO 6:12 The Characteristics of Vice.
"A loose fellow—a man of no worth,—
Goes about with a profligate mouth;
RF PRO 6:13 With winking of eyes, with a shuffling of feet,
With his finger he mischief provokes:—
RF PRO 6:14 Always planning, and letting loose sin
RF PRO 6:15 But his punishment comes unexpected,
With a sharp irreparable break.
RF PRO 6:16 What the Lord Hates.
"There are six things the LORD Himself hates,
And a seventh is abhorred by His soul;
RF PRO 6:17 Haughty eyes, and a tongue that deceives;
And hands shedding innocent blood;
RF PRO 6:18 A heart that plans out vile deceptions;
Feet ready to rush to do wrong;
RF PRO 6:19 A breather of lies for defrauding;
And the sender of strife among friends!
RF PRO 6:20 On Filial Duty and Warnings against Debauchery.
"My son! guard your father's commands,
And your mother's rules do not reject;
Continually wrap round your heart,
RF PRO 6:21 And make them the scarf of your neck.
They will be in your course as a guide,
RF PRO 6:22 And watch you when lying asleep,
And converse with you when you awake.—
His command is a lamp, and her rules are a light,
RF PRO 6:23 And reproofs to instruct in the pathway of life,
RF PRO 6:24 To guard you from women defiled;—
From the strangers with flattering tongues.
RF PRO 6:25 "In your heart never long for their charms,
And be not ensnared by their smiles.—
RF PRO 6:26 A whore brings to a morsel of bread;
The adulteress hunts the dear life!
RF PRO 6:27 "Can a man put a fire in his breast,
And not be consuming his clothes?
RF PRO 6:28 Can a man upon burning coals walk,
And by them his feet not be scorched?
RF PRO 6:29 Thus who goes to the wife of his friend,
Escapes not from her without loss.
RF PRO 6:30 They despise not a thief if he steals,
To fill the demand of his life;
RF PRO 6:31 But if found he repays sevenfold,
All he has in his house they will take.
RF PRO 6:32 But the coward corrupting a wife
Produces a rot to his life '
RF PRO 6:33 He finds but disease and disgrace,
And his infamy cannot be hid!
RF PRO 6:34 For jealousy makes a man mad;
Unsparing in time of revenge,
RF PRO 6:35 No recompense he will regard,
No rest for the greatest of bribes!


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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