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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF LEV 12:1 The EVER-LIVING also spoke to Moses saying;
RF LEV 12:2 Sanitary Laws for Women.
Speak to the children of Israel commanding;—"A woman who is delivered and bears a boy is unclean for seven days, as though she were unclean with the uncleanness of menstruation;
RF LEV 12:3 and at the eighth day his fore-flesh shall be circumcised.
RF LEV 12:4 But for a period of thirty three days she shall be secluded for her purification. She shall not approach anything sacred, and shall not come to the sacred place until the days of her purification are completed.
RF LEV 12:5 "But if she bears a girl, then she shall be separated as unclean for twice seven, as in menstruation; and for a period of sixty-six days she shall be secluded, for purification from her blood.
RF LEV 12:6 But upon the completion of the days of her purification for a son or for a daughter, she shall bring a she lamb of one year for a burnt-offering, and a young dove or a turtle dove, as a sin-offering to the door of the Hall of Assembly, to the priest,
RF LEV 12:7 and he shall present them before the EVER-LIVING, and expiate for her, and purify her for the flow of her blood.—These are the laws about the childbirth of a boy or girl.
RF LEV 12:8 "But if she does not possess a she lamb, then she shall take two turtle doves, or two young pigeons, one for a burnt-offering, and the other for a sin-offering, and the priest shall expiate for her, and she shall be pure."


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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