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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF LEV 22:1 Domestic Laws for Priests.
The EVER-LIVING also spoke to Moses, commanding;—
RF LEV 22:2 "Speak to Aaron and his sons, and separate them, as consecrated, from the children of Israel, so that they may not defile My HOLY NAME by which they are sanctified to Me. I am the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 22:3 "Say to them, for their posterity, Every man of all your race who approaches to the sanctuary which the children of Israel have sanctified to the EVER-LIVING, whilst there is uncleanness upon him, that person shall be excommunicated from before Me. I am the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 22:4 "Any man from the race of Aaron who has leprosy, or the disease of fornication, shall never eat of what is pure; or if he has a contagion of any disease on his body; or a man who comes from procreative copula;
RF LEV 22:5 or a man who has touched any reptile that may defile him; or a man that may defile himself by anything that defiles him;
RF LEV 22:6 a person who defiles him by touch until the evening; he shall not eat of the sacred offerings unless he bathes his body in water.
RF LEV 22:7 But when the sun sets then he will be clean, and afterwards may eat of the sacred offerings,—for he is clean.
RF LEV 22:8 "Of a dead or torn carcase he shall not eat, to defile himself with it. I am the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 22:9 "Thus they shall reverence MY TRUSTS, and not bring sin upon themselves, and die in it, to condemn themselves. I the EVER-LIVING consecrate them.
RF LEV 22:10 "No foreigner shall eat of the sacred offerings. A visitor to the priest, and the hired servant of the family shall not eat of the sacred offerings,
RF LEV 22:11 but a priest who buys a person, having bought him for money,—that person may eat, and those born in his house may eat of the food.
RF LEV 22:12 But the daughter of a priest who has a foreign husband may not eat of the Raised-leg of the sacred offerings.
RF LEV 22:13 But the daughter of a priest who may be a widow, or divorced, and has no offspring for herself, and dwells in the house of her father as in her youth, she may eat of the bread of her father; but any foreigner may not eat it.
RF LEV 22:14 "Any person, however, who unknowingly eats of sacred offerings, shall return five times as much for it, and give it to the priest for the offerings;
RF LEV 22:15 for the children of Israel shall not profane My sacred offerings, which are lifted up to the EVER-LIVING;
RF LEV 22:16 and they shall bear the sin of trespass, if they eat of the sacred gifts, for I am the EVER-LIVING Who sanctifies them."
RF LEV 22:17 General Laws of Worship.
The EVER-LIVING also spoke to Moses and said;—
RF LEV 22:18 "Speak to Aaron and to his sons, and to all the children of Israel, and say to them; "Any man of the House of Israel, or of the foreigners in Israel, who offers a gift for any of their vows, or for any free-will gift, which they present to the EVER-LIVING for a burnt-offering,
RF LEV 22:19 that will please, let it be a perfect male from the oxen, or sheep, or goats.
RF LEV 22:20 Anything that has a defect in it they shall not present, for it will not be pleasing to the EVER-LIVING from them.
RF LEV 22:21 "And the man who presents a sacrifice of thanks to the EVER-LIVING to fulfil a vow, or a free-will offering, let it be a perfect beautiful sheep,—there must be no defect in it.
RF LEV 22:22 The blind or torn shall not be presented to the EVER-LIVING, or the sick, or broken-winded, or scurvied, or scabbed. A female, also, shall not be offered by them at the altar of the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 22:23 And an ox, or sheep that is deformed or a dwarf,—if you make a vow of them, they will not be accepted.
RF LEV 22:24 And if castrated, or crushed, or mutilated, or wounded, you shall not present them to the EVER-LIVING—and you shall not so mutilate them in your country."
RF LEV 22:25 You shall also not present food to your GOD from any of these, by the hand of a. foreigner, for to offer by him would be to desecrate them. They would not be accepted from you."
RF LEV 22:26 The Laws of Humanity to Animals.
The EVER-LIVING also spoke to Moses commanding;
RF LEV 22:27 "When a cow, or a sheep, or a goat has young, then you shall let it be for seven days with its mother, but on the seventh day it will be acceptable as a gift of trespass to the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 22:28 But you shall not slay a cow or a sheep and their young upon the same day."
RF LEV 22:29 And when you sacrifice a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the EVER-LIVING, you should sacrifice it for your delight.
RF LEV 22:30 Eat it upon the same day; leave nothing of it until the morning. "I am the EVER-LIVING;
RF LEV 22:31 and you shall keep My Commandments, and practice them;—I am the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 22:32 And you shall not defile My HOLY NAME; for I would be sanctified in the midst of the children of Israel; I am the EVER-LIVING, Who consecrated you.
RF LEV 22:33 I brought you out from the land of the Mitzeraim to be a GOD to you. I am the EVER-LIVING."


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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