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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF LEV 25:1 Law of the Sabbath of the Land.
The EVER-LIVING also spoke to Moses in Mount Sinai commanding;
RF LEV 25:2 "Speak to the children of Israel and say to them;—When you arrive in the land that I will give to you, you shall grant the land a rest of rests to the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 25:3 "You shall sow your fields for six years, and prune your vineyards for six years, and then cease to go to them;
RF LEV 25:4 and in the seventh year there shall be a Rest of Rests for the land to the EVER-LIVING. You shall not sow your fields, nor prune your vineyards.
RF LEV 25:5 You shall not reap the self-grown harvest, nor cut off the bunches from your vine. It is a Rest of Rests for the earth.
RF LEV 25:6 There shall be a rest of the earth to feed it; for you, and for your servant, and for your maid servant, and for your hired laborer, and for the foreigners residing with you,
RF LEV 25:7 And for your cattle and animals that are in your country—who shall all be allowed to eat of it.
RF LEV 25:8 The Law of the Jubilee.
"Also reckon for yourselves seven Sabbaths of years,—seven years seven times, and they shall be for you a period of seven sevens of years,—forty-nine years.
RF LEV 25:9 Then pass a loud sounding trumpet through all the country. It shall be sent out upon the tenth day of the seventh month, on the Day of Expiation, to sanctify the fiftieth year,
RF LEV 25:10 and proclaim liberty in the country to all its inhabitants. It shall be a JUBILEE to you, when every person shall return to his inheritance, and everyone shall be restored to his family.
RF LEV 25:11 Every fiftieth year shall be a JUBILEE for you. You shall neither sow nor reap, nor prune the vines;
RF LEV 25:12 for it shall be a Holy Jubilee for you. Eat from the field what springs from it.
RF LEV 25:13 In this Jubilee Year everyone shall return to his inheritance.
RF LEV 25:14 For what you buy in a sale of your neighbour, or acquire from the hand of your neighbour, does not dispossess your brother of it.
RF LEV 25:15 According to the number of years after a Jubilee you must purchase from your neighbour, you must buy it according to the number of years to run for yourself.
RF LEV 25:16 In proportion to the number of years you shall increase the money, and in proportion to the fewness of the years you shall decrease the purchase price. Thus from the number to run it shall be purchased for yourself.
RF LEV 25:17 For you shall not dispossess any of your neighbors, but fear your EVER-LIVING GOD;
RF LEV 25:18 For I am your EVER-LIVING GOD, and you shall practice My Institutions and My Decrees; guarding and observing them; and dwell in the land in safety.
RF LEV 25:19 Then the earth will give her fruits, and you can eat them to your fill, and live securely upon it
RF LEV 25:20 But if you ask; 'What shall we eat in that seventh year, when we have neither sown nor continued our labors?'
RF LEV 25:21 I will then send My blessing to you in the sixth year, and make the produce of it for three years.
RF LEV 25:22 But you may sow in the eighth year, and eat the stored produce in the eighth year until the coming in of products in the ninth year—until its produce comes you must eat what was stored.
RF LEV 25:23 "Thus you shall not sell your land for ever, for the land is MINE, and you only foreigners and visitors with Me,
RF LEV 25:24 and with all the land you purchase, a power of redemption for the inheritance shall be given with the land.
RF LEV 25:25 Restoration of Land may be Purchased before the Jubilee.
"When your brother is reduced to poverty, and sells some of his inheritance, if a relative of his brings the redemption for it, then the purchaser shall restore it to his brother.
RF LEV 25:26 But if the person has not the redemption money, but he acquires it, and obtains possession of the amount for its redemption,
RF LEV 25:27 then the years from its purchase shall be counted, and the balance paid to the person who purchased it, and his inheritance shall be restored.
RF LEV 25:28 But if he cannot attain possession of enough to pay to the purchaser, it shall remain in his possession until the year of JUBILEE, and when the JUBILEE comes then he shall return to his inheritance.
RF LEV 25:29 The Law of Real Estate in Walled Towns.
"But if a person sells a dwelling-house in a walled town, then the redemption shall be at the end of a year from its purchase;—that shall be the time of its redemption.
RF LEV 25:30 But if he has not redeemed at the end of the complete year, and the house stands in a town which has walls, he is dispossessed forever; it shall not return to his posterity at the JUBILEE.
RF LEV 25:31 "But houses in a court, where there are not fortified walls around, shall return with the land of the farm that belongs to them. They shall return with it when the JUBILEE comes.
RF LEV 25:32 The Law of Real Estate in Levite Cities.
"But the cities of the Levites,—the houses in the cities of the Levites are their inheritance. They shall always be redeemable to the Levites,
RF LEV 25:33 But when redeemed, it shall be by the Levites, and the purchaser shall quit the house, or village he has acquired at the JUBILEE; for the village homes of the Levites are their inheritance in the midst of the children of Israel.
RF LEV 25:34 But they shall not sell the grazing lands around their villages, for they are a perpetual inheritance for them.
RF LEV 25:35 The Law of Insolvency.
"But if your brother becomes poor, and his hand fails among you, you must help him like a foreigner and settler, and let him live with you.
RF LEV 25:36 Take no usury or increase from him, but fear your GOD, and let your brother live with you.
RF LEV 25:37 You shall not lend your money to him at usury, and you shall not lend him food at increase;
RF LEV 25:38 for I am your EVER-LIVING GOD Who brought you from the land of the Mitzeraim to give you the land of Canaan, to be for you from the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 25:39 "Therefore when your brother becomes poor with you, and sells himself to you, you shall not work him as slaves work.
RF LEV 25:40 He shall be with you go as a hired man, until the year of JUBILEE, to serve you.
RF LEV 25:41 Then he shall go from you, he and his children with him, and return to his family, and to the inheritance of his fathers;
RF LEV 25:42 for you were slaves in the land of the Mitzeraim when I brought you out. You shall not purchase him as you purchase a slave.
RF LEV 25:43 You shall not reduce him to slavery, but shall fear your GOD.
RF LEV 25:44 Laws of Slavery.
"Your men and women slaves, however, you may buy from the nations that surround you; they shall be your slaves.
RF LEV 25:45 And you may also buy the children of the foreign residents among you, and from their families who are with you who are born in your country, and they shall be your property.
RF LEV 25:46 You may also bequeath them to your children after you, to hold them as property for ever, and they shall serve you. But your relatives of the children of Israel are men, and your brothers; you shall not reduce them to slavery.
RF LEV 25:47 A Hebrew Slave May Work Himself Free.
"When, however, a foreigner or settler among you obtains property in one of your poor brethren, and he is sold to the foreign resident, to be added to the family of the foreigner;
RF LEV 25:48 he shall be redeemable after he has been sold to him; any one of his relatives may redeem him.
RF LEV 25:49 His uncle or cousin may redeem him, or any relation by blood of his family may redeem, or he may acquire property and redeem himself,
RF LEV 25:50 and pay to his purchaser according to the years he bought him for, up to the year of JUBILEE. That shall be the price given to his purchaser—proportionate to the number of years by the scale of wages that might belong to him.
RF LEV 25:51 If the years are many before them, he shall give back equivalent money to his purchaser;
RF LEV 25:52 and if few of the years are remaining to the year of JUBILEE, then he shall repay to him proportionate to the space of years, as the redemption fee;
RF LEV 25:53 according to the wages year by year it shall be. You shall not add a profit for your eyes.
RF LEV 25:54 But if he is redeemed by none of these, then he shall be freed at the year of JUBILEE, both himself and his children with him.
RF LEV 25:55 For the children of Israel are My SERVANTS, whom I brought up out of the land of the Mitzeraim. I am their EVER-LIVING GOD.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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