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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF LEV 7:1 The Sacrifices for Trespass.
"These are also laws of the trespass-offerings. They are Holy of Holies.
RF LEV 7:2 "In the place where they slay the sacrifices for sin, they shall slay the trespass-offerings, and their blood shall be sprinkled around the altar,
RF LEV 7:3 and all the fat of it shall be offered up; the fat of the tail, and the fat of the caul,
RF LEV 7:4 and of the chest; but the two kidneys with the fat that is upon them, he shall put aside.
RF LEV 7:5 Then the priest shall burn them with incense at the altar, as a flavor to the EVER-LIVING. It is a trespass-offering.
RF LEV 7:6 Every male among the priests shall eat thereof: it shall be eaten in the holy place: it is most holy. (KJV)
RF LEV 7:7 As with the sin-offering, so with the trespass-offering; there is one law for them; the priest who has expiated with it shall have it for himself.
RF LEV 7:8 Prerequisites of the Priests.
"The priest who offers up the burnt-offering for a man, the skin of the burnt-offering that he has offered, shall belong to the priest.
RF LEV 7:9 Every food offering which is baked in an oven, and all made in a pan, or upon a pan, it shall belong to the priest to who presents it.
RF LEV 7:10 But every food offering mixed with oil, or dry, shall belong to all the sons of Aaron, each one as brothers.
RF LEV 7:11 The Law of Thank Offerings and Against Unsanitary Food.
"And these are the laws of the sacrifices of thanks which may be presented to the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 7:12 If a man offers for thanksgiving; let him offer as a sacrifice of thanksgiving, cakes of unfermented bread mixed with oil, and unfermented wafers buttered with oil, and flour saturated by rolling in oil.
RF LEV 7:13 Let him offer no cakes of fermented bread with his gift upon the altar when thanksgiving for a benefit
RF LEV 7:14 And let him offer the same with every offering lifted up to the EVER-LIVING. It shall belong to the priest who sprinkles the blood of the thank-offering for him to the EVER-LIVING.
RF LEV 7:15 But the flesh of the sacrifice of the thank-offering shall be eaten that day; none of it shall be left till the next morning.
RF LEV 7:16 "But if he gives a sacrifice for a vow, or a free-will gift, he may eat of it the day it is offered in sacrifice, and what remains of it he may eat to-morrow.
RF LEV 7:17 But the remainder of the flesh of a sacrifice shall be burnt with fire on the third day;
RF LEV 7:18 and if he eats of the flesh of a sacrifice for a benefit on the third day, it shall not be accepted as an offering from him; it shall not benefit him. It will be unclean, and the person who eats of it shall bear his punishment.
RF LEV 7:19 "Flesh also that has touched anything unclean shall not be eaten;—it shall be burnt with fire; but the flesh of everything clean may be eaten as food.
RF LEV 7:20 But the person who eats the flesh of a sacrifice made to the EVER-LIVING for a benefit, and defiles himself over it,—that person shall be excommunicated from his people
RF LEV 7:21 The person, also who touches anything defiled by the defilement of blood; or by an unclean beast, or by any unclean reptile; and yet eats of the flesh as a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the EVER-LIVING:—that person shall be excommunicated from his people."
RF LEV 7:22 Eating Fat Prohibited.
Again the EVER-LIVING spoke to Moses, saying;—
RF LEV 7:23 "Any of the fat of an ox, or sheep, or goat you shall not eat;
RF LEV 7:24 but the fat of a carcass, and the fat of a torn animal may be used for any work;—but you shall not eat of it,
RF LEV 7:25 for whoever eats the fat of a beast which is offered to the EVER-LIVING;—that person shall be excommunicated from his people.
RF LEV 7:26 Nor shall you eat any blood in any of your dwelling places, either of bird or beast.
RF LEV 7:27 Every person who eats any blood; that person shall be excommunicated from his people."
RF LEV 7:28 The Law of Thank Offerings.
The EVER-LIVING spoke further to Moses, saying;
RF LEV 7:29 "Speak to the children of Israel, saying;—Whoever offers at the altar his thank-offering to the EVER-LIVING, let him bring his gift to the altar of the EVER-LIVING for his benefit.
RF LEV 7:30 He shall bring in his hand the present to the EVER-LIVING. Bring the breast with its fat to be waved, for waving before the EVER-LIVING
RF LEV 7:31 but the priest shall burn the fat upon the altar, and the breast shall be for Aaron and his sons
RF LEV 7:32 The raised leg also you shall give to the priest who lifts it up as a sacrifice for a benefit.
RF LEV 7:33 Whoever of the sons of Aaron offers the blood of the thank-offering, shall have the right leg for a gift.
RF LEV 7:34 For the waved breast, and the raised leg I have taken from the children of Israel, from their sacrifice of thanks, and I give them to Aaron the Priest and to his sons to be taken by them forever from the children of Israel.
RF LEV 7:35 "They are the portion of Aaron, and the portion of his sons from the gifts to the EVER-LIVING, during the time they offer them as priests to the EVER-LIVING;
RF LEV 7:36 which the EVER-LIVING commanded to be given to them at the time He consecrated them, as an endowment from the children of Israel, and their posterity forever."
RF LEV 7:37 This is the law for burnt-offerings, and for sins, and for trespasses, and for consecrations, and for sacrifices of thanks,
RF LEV 7:38 which the EVER-LIVING commanded to Moses upon Mount Sinai, at the time He commanded the children of Israel to offer gifts to the EVER-LIVING in the desert of Sinai.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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