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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF DAN 2:1 Nebukadnezzar's Dream.
It occurred in the twelfth1 year of the reign of Nebukadnezzar that Nebukadnezzar dreamed dreams, and his mind was disturbed, and his sleep left him.
1. NOTE. Ch. 2 V. 1, "Second" for "Twelfth year" is a chronological impossibility, as will be seen by Second Kings, ch. 24 v. 1, if examined; and also the statement in Daniel, ch. 1, that it was at least three years after Nebuchadnezzar's return from the capture of Jerusalem, before Daniel had finished his education and been introduced as a Page at Court, as stated in Daniel 1, as above. We cannot, therefore, doubt but that the word (aser)—"ten" has been omitted after the first numeral (shethim)—two, which in Hebrew form one word, "twelfth." I consequently translate it as "twelfth year." F.F.
RF DAN 2:2 The King consequently ordered to call the engineers and mathematicians and enchanters, and Kasdim1 to explain the King's dreams to him. So they came and stood before the King.
1. Astronomers
RF DAN 2:3 When the King said to them "I have dreamed a dream, and my mind is disturbed to understand the dream."
RF DAN 2:4 But the astronomers replied to the King in Aramaic, "King may you live for ever! Tell the dream to your Slaves, and we will explain it clearly!"
RF DAN 2:5 He responded to the Astronomers, and said, "The purport has gone from me!—But look! If you do not inform me what the dream was, and explain it, you shall be cut in pieces, you slaves, and your houses be made a dung-hill!—
RF DAN 2:6 But if you show the dream and explain it, you shall be given gifts and great honours!—Relate, therefore, what I saw first, and show me the dream, and explain it!"
RF DAN 2:7 They again answered, and said, "Let the King tell to his slaves the dream, and we will explain its meaning!"
RF DAN 2:8 The King retorted and said, "I know assuredly that you are putting off, because you discover that the matter has gone from me.—
RF DAN 2:9 Therefore, if you do not inform me what the dream was,—you have one fate;—for you utter lies, and rotten contrivances, to talk before me till my mood changes;—Look sharp! Tell me the dream!—when I shall know that you can explain its meaning!
RF DAN 2:10 The astronomers replied to the King, and said, "There is never a man on earth who is able to accomplish the King's demand! Because no Great King or Ruler ever asks such a thing, of any engineer, enchanter, or astronomer!
RF DAN 2:11 And the statement the King demands is tremendous! And besides there is no one who could accomplish it to the King, except the Gods, whose dwelling is not in flesh!
RF DAN 2:12 "Because of this the King was angry, and excessively furious, and ordered the destruction of all the Scientists in Babel!
RF DAN 2:13 and a Decree was published to kill all the Scientists, and they searched after Daniel and his associates to kill them.
RF DAN 2:14 Daniel, however, met Ariok, the Captain of the Guards, who had been sent by the King to kill the Scientists of Babel.
RF DAN 2:15 He addressed and asked Ariok, the Superintendent of the King,—"On what account is the Decree of the King so sudden?" And Ariok informed Daniel of the affair.
RF DAN 2:16 Then Daniel rose, and went to the King, and begged to be given a fixed time when he would explain it to the King.
RF DAN 2:17 Daniel then returned to his house and communicated with Hananiah, Mishal, and Azariah his companions, about the matter,
RF DAN 2:18 and entreated them to request the GOD of HEAVEN not to hide this thing, so that Daniel and his friends might not be destroyed with the rest of the Scientists of Babel.
RF DAN 2:19 After that the secret was revealed to Daniel in a vision at night, and Daniel thanked the GOD of HEAVEN.
RF DAN 2:20 Daniels Anthem of Thanks.
Daniel addressed Him and said;
Should not the Name of GOD be blessed, For ever and ever?
For wisdom and power are His;
RF DAN 2:21 And He changes the times, And appoints opportunities;
He raises kings and depresses kings;
He to the wise gives wisdom,
And He gives knowledge and skill.
RF DAN 2:22 He reveals the deep and the hidden;
He knows what is obscure,
And light resides with Him.
RF DAN 2:23 I thank You, GOD of my Fathers,
And praise for giving me science, and power,
And revealing what we sought from You;
Revealing this thing of the King's."
RF DAN 2:24 Daniel Asks an Audience.
In consequence of this Daniel went to Ariok, whom the King had appointed to destroy the Scientists of Babel, and said to him, "Do not destroy the Scientists of Babel! Bring me before the King, and I will myself explain it to him."
RF DAN 2:25 Ariok consequently went in haste with Daniel to the King and said to him, "I have found a man from among the Captive Jews who can tell the King the meaning."
RF DAN 2:26 The King then addressed, and asked Daniel,—who was named Beltishazar;—"Are you able to tell me the Dream that I saw, and explain it?"
RF DAN 2:27 Daniel replied to the King and said,—"The secret that the King demands no Scientist, Enchanter, or Engineer is able to decide and show to the King!—
RF DAN 2:28 However, there is a GOD in Heaven who reveals the hidden, and He has made known to King Nebukadnezzar what will be in future times.—
RF DAN 2:29 Nebuchadnezzar's Dream.
"Your Dreams, and the visions of your head upon your bed were these. From you, King, your thoughts ascended on your bed, as to what would be after now, and the Revealer of the Hidden made known to you, what will be!
RF DAN 2:30 But not for any Science that I possess, more than any living, has this secret been revealed to me, but, with the object for me to make it known to the King, and that you might know the thoughts of your mind.
RF DAN 2:31 "You, King, were looking, and saw a Great Image. This Image which was great, and its splendour dazzling, stood before you, and its aspect was terrible.
RF DAN 2:32 The head of the Image was of fine gold; its breast and arms of silver; its belly and thighs of brass;
RF DAN 2:33 its legs of iron; its feet part of iron and part of clay!
RF DAN 2:34 You looked at it until a stone was cut without hands and thrown against the iron and clay feet of the Image, and broke them to pieces.
RF DAN 2:35 Then at once, the Iron, Clay, Brass, and Gold were broken, and became like chaff from thrashing wheat, and the whole were carried away by the wind, and no rest was found for them; but the stone that struck the Image became a Great Mountain, and filled the earth!
RF DAN 2:36 "THAT WAS THE DREAM. Now the meaning shall be told to the King.
RF DAN 2:37 "You, King, are a King of Kings! to whom the GOD of HEAVEN has given this Empire, its power, its might, and splendour.
RF DAN 2:38 And wherever the sons of men reside, the beasts of the field, and the birds of the skies, he has given into your hand, and you rule all of them.—You are the Head of Gold!
RF DAN 2:39 "But after you another Kingdom will arise inferior to yours! and another third kingdom of brass, which will rule over all the country.
RF DAN 2:40 Then a fourth kingdom that will be as strong as Iron. Because as Iron breaks and crushes all, so like iron it will break all in pieces, and crush.
RF DAN 2:41 And as you saw its feet and toes were formed part of clay, and part of iron; that Kingdom will be a divided one; yet the firmness of iron will be in it, because you saw the iron mixed with tempered clay.
RF DAN 2:42 So as the toes were part of iron, and part of clay, part of that Empire will be strong, and part brittle;
RF DAN 2:43 and as you observed the iron was mixed with the tempered clay, they will mix themselves with the races of mankind;—but will not stick together with each other, as iron does not unite with clay.
RF DAN 2:44 But in the days of those kings, the GOD of HEAVEN will establish an EVERLASTING EMPIRE, and Indestructible,—whose Sovereignty will not be transferred to another People. It will subdue and break all the Kingdoms, and will stand for ever!
RF DAN 2:45 And as you saw a stone cut from a rock,—but not by hands,—which broke the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold;—the GREAT GOD has revealed to the King what will come after now,—and the Dream is certain, and my Interpretation true!"
RF DAN 2:46 Nebukadnezzar's Astonishment and Terror.
Then King Nebukadnezzar fell on his face and did reverence to Daniel, and commanded to present a gift and perfumes to him.
RF DAN 2:47 Then the King addressed Daniel and said; "I know by a proof that your GOD is a GOD of Gods, who makes kings, and reveals the hidden, since you have been able to disclose this hidden thing!"
RF DAN 2:48 Daniel is Promoted.
The King afterwards promoted Daniel, and presented him with great gifts, and made him Governor over all the Province of Babel, and President of all the Scientists of Babel.
RF DAN 2:49 Daniel, however, asked it from the King, and he appointed as Administrators of the Province of Babel Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. But Daniel continued at the King's Court.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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