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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF DAN 7:1 (555 B.C.) The Four Beasts.
In the first year of Bel-Shazzar, King of Babel, Daniel dreamed a dream,—and a vision of his head upon his bed. He therefore. wrote the dream of his head, and related the matter.
RF DAN 7:2 The Vision of the Four Beasts.
Daniel spoke and said: "I saw a vision, in the visions of the night, and noted the four winds of the sky rush out upon the Great Sea!
RF DAN 7:3 And four Great Beasts arose from the sea, different from one another.
RF DAN 7:4 The First, like a Lion, with wings like an Eagle; I continued watching until it folded its wings and alighted upon the land, and stood on its feet like a man, and a human heart was given to it.
RF DAN 7:5 "Then I saw another beast,—the Second—like a Bear, and it established a Dominion. It had three tusks in its mouth amongst its teeth; and it was commanded to arise and devour much flesh.
RF DAN 7:6 "After that as I was looking I saw another, like a Leopard, and it had four wings like a bird on its back, and four heads, and life and a Dominion were given to it.
RF DAN 7:7 "Alter that I looked and saw BEINGS in the visions of the night; "Then I noted a Fourth Beast,—Terrible, Dreadful, and very Strong! And it had iron teeth. It devoured much, and stamped and broke with its feet the rest. It was, however, different from all the previous beasts;—and had Ten Horns.
RF DAN 7:8 While I was reflecting about the Horns, I observed another little horn rise amongst them, but three of the former horns were pulled up before it. I, also, observed eyes like human eyes in this Horn, and a mouth speaking magniloquently!
RF DAN 7:9 "I continued watching until the thrones were flung down, and The SPLENDOUR OF TIME sat. His robes glittered like snow, and the hair of his head was like clean wool. His Throne was flames of fire! Its wheels flashing fire!
RF DAN 7:10 A river of fire proceeded, and flamed before him; thousands of thousands served him; and crowds on crowds stood before him. He sat to Judge; and the records were opened.
RF DAN 7:11 "I was looking for that time, because of the magniloquent words that the Horn spoke. "I continued looking, until the Beast was slain, and its body destroyed, and given to the burning fire!
RF DAN 7:12 But the rest of the Beasts had a period of Dominion, and a continuance of life was given to them, for a Period, and a Time.
RF DAN 7:13 "I continued watching, in the vision of the night, and saw in the clouds of the heavens one who was like a SON of MAN, who advanced to the SPLENDOUR OF TIME, and was introduced to him,—
RF DAN 7:14 and he gave him a Dominion, and Glory, and Kingship;—and all Nations, and Peoples, and Languages bowed to him. His Dominion will dominate for ever, and not pass away, and his Empire will not be destroyed.
RF DAN 7:15 "The Spirit of myself, Daniel, was pained in its sheath, and the thoughts of my head disturbed me,
RF DAN 7:16 so I advanced to one of the by-standers and determined to enquire of him what all this meant, and he replied to me, and explained its purport.
RF DAN 7:17 "Those four Great Beasts that you have seen are four Empires, which will be established on the earth.
RF DAN 7:18 The Saints of the MOST HIGH will afterwards take the Empire, and possess it for ever, and for ever and ever! '
RF DAN 7:19 "Then I determined to ascertain about the Fourth Beast, why it was different from them,—terrible, dreadful, with teeth of iron, and its claws of brass,—devouring, trampling, and smashing the rest with its feet?
RF DAN 7:20 And about the Ten Horns on its head, and the one that sprung up, when three fell before it? That Horn that had eyes and a mouth, and spoke magniloquently, and whose expression was more haughty than its companions?
RF DAN 7:21 So I continued watching, and that Horn made war with the Saints, and defeated them,
RF DAN 7:22 until the SPLENDOUR OF TIME arrived, and gave Judgment for the Saints of the MOST HIGH, and the time came for the Saints to possess the Empire.
RF DAN 7:23 "Then he said, 'The Fourth Beast is a Fourth Empire on earth. It will be different from all the Empires, and devour all the earth, and thrash it, and break it.
RF DAN 7:24 And the Ten Horns of the Empire, are Ten Kingdoms that will arise; but another will arise after them, and it will differ from these kingdoms, and will depose three kings.
RF DAN 7:25 It will also speak in opposition to the HIGHEST, and persecute the Saints of the MOST HIGH, and determine to change the Times, and the Laws; and they will be given into his hand for a period, and periods, and half a period.
RF DAN 7:26 Then the Tribunal will sit, and its Dominion will be terminated, and destroyed, and abolished completely,
RF DAN 7:27 when the Empire, and Dominion and Grandeur of the Empire under the whole heavens, will be given to the Holy People of the MOST HIGH. His Empire is an eternal Empire, and all Dominions shall be subject to, and serve, Him.—
RF DAN 7:28 here is the end of these affairs.' "I, myself, Daniel, reflected greatly,—was troubled,—and my thoughts disturbed me, but I kept the matter in mind."


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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