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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF JOE 1:1 The Message of the LORD that came to Joel-ben-Pethuel.
An Appeal to the Old Men.
RF JOE 1:2 You Elders, come listen to this,
And attend, all who dwell in the land!
Has this ever been in your lifetime?—
Or occurred in the days of your fathers?
RF JOE 1:3 About it relate to your children,—
And let your sons tell it to their sons,
And they to the sons who succeed them.
RF JOE 1:4 What the grub left, now the locust has eaten!
And the Licker devours what the Locust had left
And the orts of the Licker the Swarmer consumes!
RF JOE 1:5 Awake, drunkard, and weep!
Howl, you drinkers of wine!—
For the sweet drink is cut from your mouths!
RF JOE 1:6 For a powerful people comes up to My land,
Who cannot be numbered; And with lion-like teeth;
And jaws like a tiger are theirs!
RF JOE 1:7 They have wasted My vine, And have shattered My fig,
And have stripped and exposed To the whiteness its twigs!
RF JOE 1:8 I weep like a girl who is clothed with a sack,
For the loss of the love of her youth!
RF JOE 1:9 The gift and the wine, from the LORD'S house is gone!
The Priests perish, who wait on the LORD!
RF JOE 1:10 The field grieves,—the ground mourns,—for the corn is destroyed!
The wine-bunch is dry, and the olive tree pines.
RF JOE 1:11 Faint, ploughmen,—and vinedressers wail!
For the barley and wheat!—
Harvest dies from the field!
RF JOE 1:12 The Vine is scorched up,
And the Fig-tree droops down;
And the Rimon, the Palm, and the Plum,
With all trees of the field are dried up!
And pleasure is burnt from the children of men!
RF JOE 1:13 Come gird you, and mourn, all you Priests,
Let who serve at the Altar bewail!
Go! lie down in sackcloth you servants of GOD,—
From God's House is withheld bread and wine!
RF JOE 1:14 Proclaim fasts! Preach restraint!
Let the elders collect,
All who dwell in the land,
At the House of the LORD,
And cry to your GOD,—to the LORD!
RF JOE 1:15 Alas! for the Day of the LORD has come near!
And from the ALMIGHTY destruction has come!
RF JOE 1:16 Are not our victuals cut off in our sight?
And laughter and joy from the House of our GOD?
RF JOE 1:17 The seeding is withered,
Pants under the clods,
The grain stores are ruins,—
The corn has decayed!
RF JOE 1:18 How the cattle are groaning!—
The flocks in the sheep pens are weeping!—
For they have no food,
And the sheep flocks are wasted!
RF JOE 1:19 So I cry to you, LORD,—
For fire burns up the grass on the pastures!
Flame has burnt all the trees of the land!
RF JOE 1:20 And to you low the cows in the field,
For the springs of the brooks are run dry,
And the fire has burnt up the grass of the pastures!


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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