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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF MIC 5:1 Now you can rob me,—
You child of a robber
When besieging around me,—
You can strike Israel's Prince with a rod on the cheek!
RF MIC 5:2 The Prince from Bethlem.
But you, pretty Bethlem, tho' small in the thousands of Judah,
From you comes to Me the Great Ruler of Israel!—
Who brought you, long ago, in old times from the East;
RF MIC 5:3 So He fixes the time for the birth of her child,
And He will restore with the Children of Israel
The rest of His brothers!
RF MIC 5:4 He shall stand and control in the strength of the LORD,
In the power of the Name of JEHOVAH his GOD,
And they rest, when tired, at the bounds of the earth.
RF MIC 5:5 He will bring us deliverance from Ashur,
And will come to our land, and will walk on our Hills,
And appoint Seven Shepherds above us,
And eight who will Organize Men,
RF MIC 5:6 And break with the sword Ashur's land,
And the gates of the land of Nimrod;—
And will rescue from Ashur those brought from our country,
And whom he took out from our bounds.
RF MIC 5:7 But the fragments of Jacob shall be in Great Nations,
Like dew from the LORD, and like rain on the grass,
Not contrived by man's mind.
RF MIC 5:8 Thus the fragments of Jacob shall be to the Heathen,—
In the midst of Great Peoples,—
A lion with cows in a forest,—
A Tiger to sheepfolds,—
Who passes to ravage and tear,
And without an escape!
RF MIC 5:9 Raise your hands on your tyrants,
And strike at your foes!"
RF MIC 5:10 "But at that time," says the LORD,
"I will cut off your chariot drivers,
RF MIC 5:11 And cut off the town of your land,
And throw down your fortifications,
RF MIC 5:12 And cut witchcrafts off from your hands,
And you shall have no more diviners;—
RF MIC 5:13 And cut from you Statues and Idols,
And you shall no more serve the work of your hands!
RF MIC 5:14 But abolish your shrines from your midst,—
When I have destroyed your assailants;
RF MIC 5:15 And execute Justice in anger and wrath
On the Heathen who never would hear!"


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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