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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF MIC 6:1 The Plea of the Lord.
Hear, now, what the LORD has required;
"Arise! plead to the Mountains,
Let the hills hear your voice!"
RF MIC 6:2 Hear! Mountains, the plea of the LORD!
And you firm foundations of earth,
For JEHOVAH will plead with His people,—
And with Israel He will discuss!
RF MIC 6:3 "My People! What did I to you?
How wearied you? Answer to Me!
RF MIC 6:4 For I brought you from Mitzer's land out,—
From that House of Bondage I freed!
And Moses I sent as your Leader,
With Aaron and Miriam with him.—
RF MIC 6:5 My People remember the question
Of Balak, the Moabite King,
And how Balam-ben-Baor answered,
At the Wood of Acacias and Gilgal,—
And thus learn how good the LORD is.
"With what shall I come to the LORD?
How bow before GOD the MOST HIGH?
Shall I approach Him with burnt-offerings?
With calves, and the sons of a year?
RF MIC 6:7 Please the Lord with a thousand of rams?
With ten thousand of rivers of oil?
Or give my First-born for my fault?
The fruit of myself for the sin of my soul?
"He has shown you, frail man, what is right;
And what does the LORD seek from you?
To administer Justice aright,
Love mercy, walk humbly with GOD!"
RF MIC 6:9 A Warning to the Wicked.
In the City the Lord's voice is heard;
And Wisdom will reverence His power,1
And obey Him Who fixes the rule.
RF MIC 6:10 "Are the treasures of sin in the house of the bad?
And is the short measure still there?—
RF MIC 6:11 Will I pardon the falsified scale?
On the bag full of weights that deceive?—
RF MIC 6:12 When the rich are stuffed full of oppression,
And her populace speakers of lies,
Who deceive with their tongue and their mouth?
RF MIC 6:13 "So I have inflicted disease,
And will waste you because of your sins!
RF MIC 6:14 You shall eat, but shall never be fed,
But feel emptiness still in your breast!
You shall fly but shall never escape;
What escapes I will give to the sword!
RF MIC 6:15 You shall sow, but you never shall reap,—
Dress the olive, but not use its oil,
And ferment, but not drink of the wine!
RF MIC 6:16 "For you keep to the Statutes of Gomri,
And all practices Ahab's House did,
And walk by the plans they contrived.—
I therefore will make you a ruin,
And your populace bring to contempt,
And you bear My people's reproach!"
NOTE: Mic 6.9 "His power." The Hebrew idiom is "Your (or thy) Name," but I render the phrase into our own English equivalent, "power," as in some other places I also do.—F.F.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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