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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF SA2 13:1 (B.C. 1032.) Crimes and Dissensions in the Family of David.
These events followed. Absalom, the son of David, had a beautiful cousin whose name was Thamar, and Amnon the son of David loved her;
RF SA2 13:2 and Amnon grieved until he made himself ill because of Thamar his cousin, for she was a maiden. But it was difficult in the opinion of Amnon to acquire her in any way.
RF SA2 13:3 Amnon, however, had a friend, named J'onadab, the son of Shemiah, the brother of David. This J'onadab was a very crafty man,
RF SA2 13:4 so he asked him, "Why, now, are you like this? A king's son downhearted morning after morning! Why not tell me" So Amnon said to him, "It is about Thamar, the cousin of Absalom, whom I love!"
RF SA2 13:5 J'onadab, however, replied, "Lie on your bed, and sham sickness; when your father will come to see you. Then say to him, 'Will you send Thamar, my cousin, and let her make cakes before my eyes, so that I may see it, and I will eat from her hand.'"
RF SA2 13:6 Amnon consequently lay down, as if sick, and the king came to see him, when Amnon said to him: "I wish you to send Thamar my cousin, and let her prepare food and do the cooking before my sight, so that I may see it, and I will eat after her hand!"
RF SA2 13:7 David therefore sent to Thamar at her house to say, "Come to the house of Amnon, your cousin, and make him cakes."
RF SA2 13:8 Thamar, therefore, went to the house of Amnon, her cousin, and he was lying down. Then she took the dough and kneaded it, and made pancakes and baked the cakes,
RF SA2 13:9 and took the fry-pan and the dough to him, but he refused to eat. Suddenly Amnon exclaimed, "Let every one go out from me!" They all went out from him.
RF SA2 13:10 Then Amnon said to Thamar, "Bring me the cakes to the chamber, and I will eat them from your hand." So Thamar took the pancakes which she had made, and brought them to Amnon, her cousin, in the chamber,
RF SA2 13:11 and she offered him the food, but he seized her and said, "Come to me! lie with me! my cousin!"
RF SA2 13:12 But she replied, "No, my cousin, I will not, for such a thing should not be done in Israel! Do not commit such a crime as that!
RF SA2 13:13 And would you expose me to scorn? And expose yourself as one of the blackguards in Israel? But you,—speak, I pray, to the king, for he would not refuse me to you!"
RF SA2 13:14 But he would not listen to her, and being stronger than her, he overpowered and violated her.
RF SA2 13:15 Then Amnon hated her with a very great hatred;—for the hatred with which he hated her was greater than the lust with which he had lusted for her, and Amnon said to her, "Get up! Be off!"
RF SA2 13:16 But she replied to him, "Do not add to this great wrong, that you have done to me, by driving me out!" He would not, however, listen to her,
RF SA2 13:17 but called to an attendant who waited upon him, and said, "Drive this woman out at once from me into the street, and lock the door after her!"
RF SA2 13:18 Now she wore a long-sleeved robe, such as the daughters of the king wore, with a maiden's cloak, yet his valet sent her out into the street, and locked the door after her.
RF SA2 13:19 Then Thamar threw dust on her head, and tore, the long-sleeved robe she wore, and spread her hands over her face, and went weeping.
RF SA2 13:20 But Absalom her cousin asked her, "Has Amnon your cousin been with you? However, at present keep silent, my cousin, for he is your relative; do not lay this matter to your heart." Consequently Thamar was quiet and secluded herself in the house of Absalom her cousin.
RF SA2 13:21 When King David heard the whole of these things, he was very angry.
RF SA2 13:22 (B.C. 1030.) Murder of Amnon by Absalom.
Absalom, however, said nothing for bad Or good to Amnon about the wrong he had done to his cousin Thamar.
RF SA2 13:23 But when two years had passed, and they were shearing for Absalom at Bal-Khatzor, which is in Ephraim, Absalom invited all the sons of the king.
RF SA2 13:24 Absalom also went to the king and said, "There is a Shearing Feast with your servant,—will the king and his ministers come to your servant?"
RF SA2 13:25 But the king answered Absalom, "No, my boy, all of us cannot go now. We will not burden you." Then he pressed him, but he would not go, but thanked him.
RF SA2 13:26 So Absalom said, "If not,—let Amnon my brother go with us?" And the king asked him, "Why should he go with you?"
RF SA2 13:27 But Absalom pressed him, till he sent Amnon and all the king's sons with him.
RF SA2 13:28 Then Absalom instructed his attendants, saying, "Watch till you see Amnon's heart merry with wine, and when I say to you 'Stab Amnon, and kill him;' be bold and strong-hearted."
RF SA2 13:29 The attendants of Absalom consequently did to Amnon as Absalom commanded. Then all the sons of the king got up, and mounted each on his mule, and fled.
RF SA2 13:30 But while they were on the road a report reached David, saying, "Absalom has stabbed all the king's sons, and not one of them is left."
RF SA2 13:31 Then the king arose and tore his clothes, and laid on the ground, and all his ministers stood tearing their clothing.
RF SA2 13:32 But J'onadab, the son of Shemiah, the brother, of David, interposed, and said, "Do not let my Prince think that all the young Princes have been killed,—for Amnon only has been killed. For that has been determined by Absalom from the day he ravished his cousin Thamar.
RF SA2 13:33 So, now, let not the king lay this matter on his heart, thinking all the sons of the king are killed, for except Amnon, none have been killed;—
RF SA2 13:34 and Absalom has fled! "Then the man on the lookout raised his eyes, and looked, and saw a great crowd of people coming along from the further road at the side of the hill.
RF SA2 13:35 J'onadab consequently said to the king, "See! the Princes are coming as your servant said,—these are they!"
RF SA2 13:36 And by the time he had ceased speaking the king's sons arrived, and lifted up their voices and wept, and the king and all his ministers also wept,—a very great weeping. And he mourned over his son all the year.
RF SA2 13:37 Absalom, however, had fled, and went to Thalmi-ben-Amikhor, King of Gheshur.
RF SA2 13:38 (B.C. 1029.) Thus Absalom fled and went to Gheshur, and was there three years.'
RF SA2 13:39 King David, however, longed for Absalom, after he was consoled for the death of Amnon.
1 Vv 37-38 the Hebrew text differs greatly from the Authorized Version and the Revised, as I read it. F.F.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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