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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF SA2 18:1 So they met in the pastures, where David and the force with him had halted, and he appointed colonels of regiments and captains of companies over them.
RF SA2 18:2 Afterward David arranged the forces, one third under J'oab, and one third under Abishai, and one third under Athai the gardener.
(B.C. 1023.) Defeat and Death of Absalom.
And the king then said to the forces, "I also will march with you."
RF SA2 18:3 But the army said, "You shall not go; for if we are defeated, they will not set their heart upon us; and if they kill half of us, they will not set their heart upon us; for you are worth ten thousand of us, so it is better you should help by directing us from the city."
RF SA2 18:4 The king consequently replied, "Whatever is good in your opinion I will do." Therefore the king stood at the side of the gate, and all the force went out by companies and regiments.
RF SA2 18:5 But the king commanded J'oab, and Abishai, and Athai, saying,—"Spare the lad Absalom for me!" And all the army heard the kings orders about Absalom, to all the officers.
RF SA2 18:6 Thus the force went into the field to meet Israel, and the battle occurred in the forest of Ephraim,
RF SA2 18:7 where the army of Israel was routed before the generals of David; and in the great rout of that day twenty thousand perished,
RF SA2 18:8 for the battle was spread over all the district, and more of the people were destroyed in the forest than what the sword destroyed at the moment.
RF SA2 18:9 Absalom also fled before the officers of David. Absalom was mounted upon a mule, and the mule ran under the boughs of a great oak-tree, and his head was caught in the oak, so that he hung between the sky and the earth. But the mule that was under him passed on.
RF SA2 18:10 One of the men of David, however, saw him, and informed J'oab, and said, "I have seen Absalom hanging in an oak tree."
RF SA2 18:11 When J'oab said to the man, "Show him to me! and where you have seen him.—But why did you not strike him to the earth? for then I would have given you ten silvers, and a girdle."
RF SA2 18:12 But the man replied to J'oab, "Even if you jingled a thousand silvers on my hand, I would not assail the son of the king! for in our hearing the king commanded to you and Abishai, and Athai, saying, 'Spare for me the lad Absalom!'—
RF SA2 18:13 If I had done, I should have been false to my life, for no event is hidden from the king, and you would have set yourself against me!"
RF SA2 18:14 J'oab, however, replied, "I can't dawdle in this way with you!" and took the three darts in his hand, and thrust them into the heart of Absalom whilst he yet lived in the middle of the oak.
RF SA2 18:15 Then two of J'oab's guards surrounded him and stabbed Absalom, and killed him.
RF SA2 18:16 J'oab afterwards sounded the trumpet, and the forces returned from pursuing Israel, for Joab restrained the men.
RF SA2 18:17 But they took Absalom and flung him down in the forest into a great pit, and piled over him a very great heap of stones. Thus all Israel fled each to his home.
RF SA2 18:18 Absalom, however, in his life time had erected the column which is in the King's plain, for he said, "I have no son to continue the memory of my name." So he named the column by his own name, and it is called "The finger of Absalom" to this day.
RF SA2 18:19 Then Akhimatz-ben-Zadok said, "I will run and announce to the King, that the EVER-LIVING has done him justice against the hand of his enemies."
RF SA2 18:20 But J'oab replied to him, "No man shall announce this event to-day! You shall, however, announce it to-morrow,—but to-day you shall not announce it,—because the son of the King has been killed."
RF SA2 18:21 J'oab, however, afterwards said to Kusi, "Go! Inform the King what you have seen." And Kusi turned from J'oab and ran.
RF SA2 18:22 Yet Akhimatz-ben-Zadok continued to importune, and said to J'oab, "May I not now also myself run after Kusi?" And J'oab replied, "What good for you to run, my boy? There is no runner in the country better than him!"
RF SA2 18:23 "But yet I wish to run!"—Then he said to him "Run!" So he ran. And Akhimatz ran by the road of the pastures and passed beyond Kusi.
RF SA2 18:24 David was at this time sitting between the two gates, and a watchman was posted on the roof of the gateway, on the ramparts, who raised his eyes and saw a man running alone.
RF SA2 18:25 The sentinel accordingly called and informed the King; and the King asked, "If alone is it towards the wall that he comes and approaches?"
RF SA2 18:26 Then the sentinel saw another man running, so he cried from the gate, and said, "I see a man, running after!" When the King replied, "He also is a messenger of good news."
RF SA2 18:27 Then the sentinel said, "I recognize the running of the first runner, as the running of Akhimatz-ben-Zadok!" And the King answered, "He is a good man; and he will bring good news!"
RF SA2 18:28 Then Akhimatz called out and said to the King, "Peace" and bowed to the King with his face to the earth, and said, "Thank your EVER-LIVING GOD, who has delivered the men who rose against you to the hand of your Majesty the King!
RF SA2 18:29 When the King asked, "Is the lad Absalom safe?' And Akhimatz replied, "I saw a great crowd about the King's general Joab, and your officers, but I knew not why!"
RF SA2 18:30 The king therefore said, "Turn and station yourself there!" So he turned and stood.
RF SA2 18:31 Then Kusi came. And Kusi said "There is good news for your Majesty the King. For the EVER-LIVING has granted you justice to-day from the hands of your enemies;—all who rose against you!"
RF SA2 18:32 But the King asked of Kusi, "Is the lad Absalom safe?" When Kusi answered, "May all the enemies of your Majesty the King be like that young man and all who rise against you for evil!"
RF SA2 18:33 Then the king trembled, and went up the stairs of the gate, and wept, and exclaimed, "You have gone, my son, Absalom! My son, my son, Absalom I wish I myself had died instead of you! Absalom! my son! my son!"


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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