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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF SA2 22:1 (B.C. 1018.) David's Song of Thanks.
David recited the words of this song to the EVER-LIVING, when the EVER-LIVING had delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul,
and said;—"The LORD was a Rock, and Fortress, and Refuge to me,
RF SA2 22:3 GOD is my Fort,—I will trust in Him! My shield and buckler, my tower and hold,
My Saviour Who saved from oppression!
RF SA2 22:4 In despair I will cry to the LORD,
And I shall be saved from my foemen.
RF SA2 22:5 When Death's waves enclosed,
And wild torrents sucked in,
RF SA2 22:6 The Grave's ropes entangling,
And fearing Death's traps,
RF SA2 22:7 In my trouble I cried to the LORD,—
And cried out aloud to my GOD;
And my voice from His Temple He heard,
And my shouts reached His ears.
RF SA2 22:8 Then the earth trembled and quaked,
The supports of the heavens were shaken,
And quivered because of His wrath.
RF SA2 22:9 A cloud was sent forth by His breath,
And devouring fire from his mouth,
Before him fierce coals were inflamed.
RF SA2 22:10 And He bent down the skies and descended,
And darkness was under His feet!
RF SA2 22:11 And He rode on the whirlwind and flew,
And was seen on the wings of the wind;
RF SA2 22:12 And put on His covering of darkness,
Collecting black watery cloud.
RF SA2 22:13 And bright streams of fire burnt before Him,
RF SA2 22:14 And thundered the LORD from the skies;
RF SA2 22:15 The Highest thus uttered His thunders,
And shot lightnings, arrows and darts;
RF SA2 22:16 And torrents of water were seen,
And the base of the world was laid bare,
Before the Supreme in His anger,
By the whiff of the breath of His mouth!
RF SA2 22:17 He sent from on high, and He took me,
Pulled me out from the powerful seas!
RF SA2 22:18 From my enemies strong He redeemed me,
From haters more strong than myself.
In the day of distresses He helped me;—
RF SA2 22:19 The LORD was Himself my support,
RF SA2 22:20 And brought me again into freedom.
RF SA2 22:21 He drilled me, because He approved;
For my virtues the LORD gave reward,
My honour renewed to my hand,—
RF SA2 22:22 For I kept to the path of the LORD,
And I went not astray from my GOD;
RF SA2 22:23 For all His decrees I kept with me,
And turned not away from His laws.
RF SA2 22:24 And to Him I always was faithful,—
RF SA2 22:25 So the LORD gave my goodness reward,
Because I was pure in His sight.
RF SA2 22:26 To the merciful, You will show mercy,
And with the upright You are straight;
RF SA2 22:27 You are pure to those who are pure,
But with the rebellious, You strive!
RF SA2 22:28 And You save the oppressed of the people,
And look down with scorn on the proud,
RF SA2 22:29 And You, LORD, alone are my light;—
LORD, therefore enlighten my gloom,
RF SA2 22:30 For by that I an army can chase,
And with GOD can leap over a wall.
RF SA2 22:31 The pathway of GOD is a straight one;
The words of the Lord are refined;
He is to all trusting a shield.—
RF SA2 22:32 For who is a GOD, but the LORD?
And who is a rock but our GOD?
RF SA2 22:33 The GOD who is mighty in strength,
Whose pathway is perfectly straight,
RF SA2 22:34 Who makes my feet like to a stag's,
Who supports me in mounting the hills.
RF SA2 22:35 Who instructed my hands in the fighting,
And to break a steel bow with my arms.
RF SA2 22:36 And You are my shield of salvation,
And, imparting Your power to myself,
RF SA2 22:37 You stretch out my stridings below me,
So my ankles will never slip down,
RF SA2 22:38 I can chase all my foes and destroy them,
And never turn back till they're done!
I assail them and strike till they rise not,
RF SA2 22:39 For under my feet they fall down.
RF SA2 22:40 You gird me with strength for the war,
And my legs under me are kept straight,
RF SA2 22:41 But You throw my enemies backwards,
So that I can destroy those who hate.
RF SA2 22:42 They shout—but they have no Defender,—
To the LORD, but He answers them not;
RF SA2 22:43 While I grind them like dust of the earth,
I stamp them like mire in the streets!
RF SA2 22:44 You saved from the strife of my people,
And kept at the head of the Tribes.
A people I never knew serve me,
RF SA2 22:45 And sons of the strangers bow down,
To hear me with listening ears;
RF SA2 22:46 And the children of foreigners run,
Their robes closely girt by their belts!
RF SA2 22:47 Let the LORD live! bless my Rock!
I for ever exult in my GOD,
And rejoice in GOD'S Fortress that saved me,—
RF SA2 22:48 The GOD Who has given me my right,—
Who subjected the nations beneath me,—
RF SA2 22:49 Freed from foes, and has raised me on high,
And redeemed from the men who opposed.—
RF SA2 22:50 For this I will praise You, O LORD,
And chant of Your name to the heathen,
RF SA2 22:51 Your salvation exalt in my heart,
And the kindness You show your Messiah,
And David's enduring heir!


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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