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Ferrar Fentons 'Holy Bible in Modern English. All spelling, punctuation and formatting maintained through-out. Verse ordering follows the King James version for clarity and necessary organization of the verses.

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RF JER 2:1 The Remonstration of Judah.
The message of the EVER-LIVING afterwards came to me to say:—
RF JER 2:2 "Go, and proclaim in the ears of Jerusalem, and say, 'Thus says the EVER-LIVING:—I attended you in your infancy; I loved you in your youth; guided you after Me from the desert to a land you had not cultivated,
RF JER 2:3 for Israel to dedicate to the EVER-LIVING the first of its products. They devoured them all! Wickedly bad they went at them!'" said the EVER-LIVING,
RF JER 2:4 Listen, House of Jacob, to the message of the EVER-LIVING, with all the families of the House of Israel!
RF JER 2:5 The EVER-LIVING asks this:—"What injustice did your fathers find in Me, that they have removed from Me, and follow after delusions, and deluded themselves?
RF JER 2:6 instead of asking, Where is the EVER-LIVING who mounted in company with us from the land of the Egyptians? Who marched With us in the desert, in a country of drought, and snares, in the land of withering and the shadow of death; in the land where no one passes, and no man dwells;
RF JER 2:7 whence I brought you to a land of pastures, to eat its fruits and goodness. But you went and defiled My Country, and My Estate, by attaching yourselves to Abominations.
RF JER 2:8 "The priests asked not, Where is the EVER-LIVING? or took hold of the Law. They would not teach about Me; and the guardians sinned against Me; and the Preachers preached for Bal; and would not rise up to advance after Me!
RF JER 2:9 Therefore I will contend with them," said the EVER-LIVING, "and with the sons of their sons I will contend;
RF JER 2:10 for they shall pass over to the isles of the Khithites and look, and mourn in their exile and think much,
RF JER 2:11 and examine what came of this changing to heathen gods,—who are not gods. For My people changed for what are worthless.
RF JER 2:12 The heavens heard and were astonished at it, and shuddered, wasting away!" said the EVER-LIVING.
RF JER 2:13 "For My people twice did evil to Me. They forsook the Spring of Living Water, to dig for themselves wells, broken wells which contain no water!
RF JER 2:14 Israel served, with the children of his House, what brought him to become an object of plunder!
RF JER 2:15 The tigers roared against him, they uttered their voices, and assailed his country, to desolate his fortified cities, to deprive them of inhabitants.
RF JER 2:16 The sons of Nof, also, with Thakhfenes injured your crown."
RF JER 2:17 But have you not procured it to yourselves? You forsook your EVER-LIVING GOD at the time you went from the path.
RF JER 2:18 And now why do you wish for the road to Egypt, to drink the black waters? And why do you wish for the road to Ashur, to drink the water of that well?
RF JER 2:19 "Turn yourself from your sins, and return from your shame, and learn and see how bad, and rebelliously forgetful you are of your EVER-LIVING GOD, and I will not terrify you," said the MIGHTY LORD OF HOSTS,"
RF JER 2:20 although from of old you have vexed Me yourselves. "I withdrew from your vows, for on every hill-top, and under every leafy tree, was a walk for fornication.
RF JER 2:21 "But I planted you, a perfect vine, from a true stock;—then how is it that you are changed from Me, turning to a wild vine?
RF JER 2:22 Even if I wash you with nitre, and polish you with soap, will your faults be removed?" asks the MIGHTY LORD OF HOSTS.
RF JER 2:23 "How can you say, 'I have not polluted myself with the Balites.' Look at your proceedings in the valley!" I know what you have done in the feasts of Lust, in her depraved ways. You wild ass,
RF JER 2:24 used to the desert, drawing your breath in puffs—in the spirit of lust,—who can turn you away? All who seek her will be wearied at the time she feels it.
RF JER 2:25 Keep your feet unshod, and your throat for thirst, and say, 'They are no use to me, for I love wantonness and will go after it.'
RF JER 2:26 "The shame of the House of Israel is like the shame of a detected thief. Both they, their kings, nobles, priests and preachers, for they say to wood,
RF JER 2:27 'You are my father,' and to stone, You bore us!' while they turn their back, and not their face, to Me. But in the time of distress they cry, 'Arise and save us!'"
RF JER 2:28 Go to your gods whom you have made for yourselves! Let them arise,—if they can save you in the time of your sufferings! For your gods are as many as your towns, Judah!"
RF JER 2:29 Why do you all implore Me, when you have all revolted from Me?" the EVER-LIVING asks."
RF JER 2:30 I flogged your children in vain;—they would not learn. Your own sword has devoured your preachers like a ravaging lion.
RF JER 2:31 Search for ages," says the EVER-LIVING. "Have I been a desert to Israel? or a land of darkness For what do you say to Me, Begone from us! We will never more come to You!'
RF JER 2:32 "Can a bride forget her adornments? her beautiful girdle? Yet My People have forgotten Me, numberless times!
RF JER 2:33 "Why do you prepare your way to seek love? Do I need researches to learn your ways,
RF JER 2:34 when I find the blood of poor innocent souls upon your skirts, without disarranging them to find it, for it is on them all!
RF JER 2:35 "'But,' you reply, 'although I have sinned, let the anger turn from me!'
"I will decide about you,—although you say I have not sinned!'
RF JER 2:36 "Why do you shuffle so to change your road. You were disappointed in the Egyptians as you were disappointed in Ashur.
RF JER 2:37 You will rush out from them with your hands on your face, for the EVER-LIVING will reject those you trust and you will not prosper in them.


AKJV ROM 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

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