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The Holy Bible in Modern English. Revised Edition.
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   Work on the 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' began in 1853 by a London businessman named Ferrar Fenton (1832–1920). The complete Bible was first published in 1903, though some individual bible 'books' were published as separate volumes during the preceding 11 years.
   Fenton is well known for a rearranging of the books of the Bible into what the author believed was the correct chronological order. In the Old Testament, this order follows that of the Hebrew Bible. The name of God was translated throughout the Old Testament as "The Ever-Living".
   Fenton is an exciting translation that shows respect and gives clarity in many areas where other translations fall short. This Bible is described as being "translated into English direct from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek languages."

    Henrik Borgström assisted Fenton with his translation of the Book of Job, which first appeared in 1898. The book of Job was "rendered into the same metre as the original Hebrew, word by word and line by line". His translation of the New Testament is based on the Greek text of Westcott and Hort. The ordering novelty in the New Testament is that it places the Gospel of John and the First Epistle of John at the beginning before the Gospel of Matthew, thus placing the Acts of the Apostles immediately after the Gospel of Luke.

   Notable as well, is Ferrar Fenton's restoration of the Psalms into the musical verse form as close to the original as he could get. The Psalms were, quite literally, songs, complete with instructions for the "choirmaster" as well as descriptions of the proper musical instruments to be used. Today Psalm 48, Psalm 137, and Psalm 23 are still sung in churches, albeit to tunes not the original.

   This bible is named the "Revised Fenton" because it puts things back into chronological order. In many cases, whether in error or not, Ferrar moved some parts of the scriptures down to the footnote section. These re-ordered verses have been returned to their chronological order as they are currently found in the King James Version. There was no alteration of the wording or intended meaning of what was originally intended by Mr. Fenton."

Blog entry: September 17, 2016

   Welcome to the new blog section. Join us in this exciting effort to display the works of Ferrar Fenton! The Holy Bible in Modern English is now fully digitized and can be seen for it's creative and artistic beauty as well as for the spiritual edification that we all need through the daily study of the scriptures.

   This project actually began in 2012 when the conversion of scanned images, using OCR software, revived a very beautiful but tangled digital version of Ferrar Fenton's work. The major part of the editing, including verse alignment, OCR errors and chapter breaks took over one year. Still, as we go there are minor fixes to punctuation and a few odd necessary edits.

   In its very raw form, 'The Holy Bible in Modern English' went online with a free but very undependable web hosting service in 2014, where it has been ever since.
   With thanks to the generosity of others, just recently, the site has been moved to its current home. This hosting service is by far superior to the previous but costs are high so we are maintaining an ad service to help offset the costs.


Every wiseH2454 womanH802 buildethH1129 her houseH1004: but the foolishH200 pluckethH2040 it downH8045 with her handsH3027.

KJVP PRO 14:2 He that walkethH1980 in his uprightnessH3476 fearethH3373 the LORDH3068: but he that is perverseH3868 in his waysH1870 despisethH959 him.
KJVP PRO 14:3 In the mouthH6310 of the foolishH191 is a rodH2415 of prideH1346: but the lipsH8193 of the wiseH2450 shall preserveH8104 them.
KJVP PRO 14:4 Where noH369 oxenH504 are, the cribH18 is cleanH1249: but muchH7230 increaseH8393 is by the strengthH3581 of the oxH7794.
KJVP PRO 14:5 A faithfulH529 witnessH5707 will not lieH3576: but a falseH8267 witnessH5707 will utterH6315 liesH3576.
KJVP PRO 14:6 A scornerH3887 seekethH1245 wisdomH2451, and findeth it not: but knowledgeH1847 is easyH7043 unto him that understandethH995.
KJVP PRO 14:7 GoH3212 from the presenceH5048 of a foolishH3684 manH376, when thou perceivestH3045 not in him the lipsH8193 of knowledgeH1847.
KJVP PRO 14:8 The wisdomH2451 of the prudentH6175 is to understandH995 his wayH1870: but the follyH200 of foolsH3684 is deceitH4820.
KJVP PRO 14:9 FoolsH191 make a mockH3887 at sinH817: but amongH996 the righteousH3477 there is favourH7522.
KJVP PRO 14:10 The heartH3820 knowethH3045 his ownH5315 bitternessH4751; and a strangerH2114 doth not intermeddleH6148 with his joyH8057.
KJVP PRO 14:11 The houseH1004 of the wickedH7563 shall be overthrownH8045: but the tabernacleH168 of the uprightH3477 shall flourishH6524.
KJVP PRO 14:12 There is a wayH1870 which seemethH6440 rightH3477 unto a manH376, but the endH319 thereof are the waysH1870 of deathH4194.
KJVP PRO 14:13 EvenH1571 in laughterH7814 the heartH3820 is sorrowfulH3510; and the endH319 of that mirthH8057 is heavinessH8424.
KJVP PRO 14:14 The backsliderH5472 in heartH3820 shall be filledH7646 with his own waysH1870: and a goodH2896 manH376 shall be satisfied from himself.
KJVP PRO 14:15 The simpleH6612 believethH539 everyH3605 wordH1697: but the prudentH6175 man lookethH995 wellH995 to his goingH838.
KJVP PRO 14:16 A wiseH2450 man fearethH3373, and departethH5493 from evilH7451: but the foolH3684 ragethH5674, and is confidentH982.
KJVP PRO 14:17 He that is soonH7116 angryH639 dealethH6213 foolishlyH200: and a manH376 of wickedH4209 devicesH4209 is hatedH8130.
KJVP PRO 14:18 The simpleH6612 inheritH5157 follyH200: but the prudentH6175 are crownedH3803 with knowledgeH1847.
KJVP PRO 14:19 The evilH7451 bowH7817 beforeH6440 the goodH2896; and the wickedH7563 atH5921 the gatesH8179 of the righteousH6662.
KJVP PRO 14:20 The poorH7326 is hatedH8130 even.H1571 of his own neighbourH7453: but the richH6223 hath manyH7227 friendsH157.
KJVP PRO 14:21 He that despisethH936 his neighbourH7453 sinnethH2398: but he that hath mercyH2603 on the poorH6035-H6041, happyH835 is he.
KJVP PRO 14:22 Do they not errH8582 that deviseH2790 evilH7451? but mercyH2617 and truthH571 shall be to them that deviseH2790 goodH2896.
KJVP PRO 14:23 In allH3605 labourH6089 there is profitH4195: but the talkH1697 of the lipsH8193 tendeth onlyH389 to penuryH4270.
KJVP PRO 14:24 The crownH5850 of the wiseH2450 is their richesH6239: but the foolishnessH200 of foolsH3684 is follyH200.
KJVP PRO 14:25 A trueH571 witnessH5707 deliverethH5337 soulsH5315: but a deceitfulH4820 witness speakethH6315 liesH3576.
KJVP PRO 14:26 In the fearH3374 of the LORDH3068 is strongH5797 confidenceH4009: and his childrenH1121 shall haveH1961 a place of refugeH4268.
KJVP PRO 14:27 The fearH3374 of the LORDH3068 is a fountainH4726 of lifeH2416, to departH5493 from the snaresH4170 of deathH4194.
KJVP PRO 14:28 In the multitudeH7230 of peopleH5971 is the king?sH4428 honourH1927: but in the wantH657 of peopleH3816 is the destructionH4288 of the princeH7333.
KJVP PRO 14:29 He that is slowH750 to wrathH639 is of greatH7227 understandingH8394: but he that is hastyH7116 of spiritH7307 exaltethH7311 follyH200.
KJVP PRO 14:30 A soundH4832 heartH3820 is the lifeH2416 of the fleshH1320: but envyH7068 the rottennessH7538 of the bonesH6106.
KJVP PRO 14:31 He that oppressethH6231 the poorH1800 reproachethH2778 his MakerH6213: but he that honourethH3513 him hath mercyH2603 on the poorH34.
KJVP PRO 14:32 The wickedH7563 is drivenH1760 away in his wickednessH7451: but the righteousH6662 hath hopeH2620 in his deathH4194.
KJVP PRO 14:33 WisdomH2451 restethH5117 in the heartH3820 of him that hath understandingH995: but that which is in the midstH7130 of foolsH3684 is made knownH3045.
KJVP PRO 14:34 RighteousnessH6666 exaltethH7311 a nationH1471: but sinH2403 is a reproachH2617 to any peopleH3816.
KJVP PRO 14:35 The king?sH4428 favourH7522 is toward a wiseH7919 servantH5650: but his wrathH5678 is against him that causeth shameH954.